I do…


…use super ugly backgrounds.

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  1. I do…want to vomit.

  2. I Don’t…. I really Don’t… I don’t get why people would pay someone for this!

  3. Flattened image! This isn’t a photographer, it’s an amateur web designer circa 1996!

  4. eee!!

  5. How do we even know if folks are really paying for such hideous photography? The “fauxtographer” here are hobbyist, housewives, college students, etc etc. Anyone these days can put blah blah blah photography on images, it’s an ego boost to them. Also to be considered a professional in anything 100% of your income must come from that profession. I think there should be a photography license just like there are for barbers, plumbers, mechanic, carpenters, etc etc.

    • If I were you I wouldn’t push to hard for photographer “licensing”. Your port isn’t that good.

      Now sit back and have fun bashing these fauxtogs with the rest of us.

      • haha! seconded!

      • Don,
        Thanks for your comments as well. I appreciate the feedback and no matter how many years of experience I or others have you can never stop learning. I am actually attending a workshop this weekend in DC http://www.northernshortcourse.com/ maybe some of you should attended workshops because that can really help out with your pursuit of photography. You get to network with other professionals, take a few workshops and just have fun learning. Again thanks for the comments and please stop by my blog and leave a few comments
        “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”…Proverb 27:17

    • Seriously? Licensing an industry like Photography only does 2 things:

      1) Creates an income stream for Government

      2) Encourages people that are good at taking tests to become photographers.

      And it does nothing to stop people who aren’t licensed from doing jobs. Don’t believe me – just check out the local CL and see how many “handymen” there are.

      No one to my knowledge has ever gotten sick, died or injured because a photographer didn’t deliver as promised. (ok, so maybe a few have gotten sick from looking at the photos on this site, but that’s okay)

      PPA has a “Photographer Certification” if you’re gung-ho about getting a license – check it out. I guarantee you 90% of the photographers out there couldn’t pass it. And the 10% that could, I applaud because they are great at memorizing useless information. Which is not to say there aren’t valid questions on the exam – because there are some. But a lot of it is memorization of formulas and calculations that you never make in the field.

    • Linking to your own bad photography in a post like this probably isn’t such a hot idea.

    • Why do you blast everyone in the face with direct flash?

      • Flyguy,
        Can you provide an example I have over 78 blog posts, check out the “past post” section. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate that. Do you have images online also, I would like to view them, it’s only fair.

    • Really? You can ONLY be a professional if 100% of your income comes from it?? I’m not defending this pic in any means (ugh) but I think some of you really need to get off your high horse. I work 3 different jobs because I ENJOY them and my income stems from various fields (painting, design, etc). I think the variety of education makes for more interesting artwork. Some of you need to look outside your viewfinder and understand that just because you take pictures all the time does not mean you are automatically gifted or talented when it comes to photography.

    • Honestly if I were looking for a photographer to hire I could care less about what brand of equipment he uses. For that matter I likely wouldn’t even know any different. I would , however , care about what his photography looked like. “License” or no license.

    • You have SO little room to talk. I looked at your photos and wasn’t impressed. And in your Before and After photos, the before was actually better. Brush up on your retouching skills.

      • Thanks for the comments, I appreciate that. It was a rush and I just wanted to add a post and my monitor wasn’t calibrated at that time. Thanks for viewing my post.

    • sara rogness

      No, one’s income doesn’t have to be entirely from a single industry to be considered a professional in that industry. You’re not well informed as to the definition of either income or professional.

    • I like the first shot of yours from the “Bennett” shoot. Your breakdancing ones and food pics are nice. However, the retouching example…I like the “before” better. You lifted way too much color, became overexposed esp. in the hair and nose. Just my 2 unsolicited cents.

      • Thanks for the comments. Yes the retouching is pretty bad, my monitor is off going to delete that post soon. Thanks again

    • Wsroadrunner

      Well Aston, you’re partially right. Um… actually no, sorry, you are quite wrong.

      The standard for determining professional is generally set at around 40% of gross income, although I prefer to figure it more along the line of 65% or higher.

      I have to agree with Don, and why are you shooting everything with a lens that isn’t capable of going below f/4?

  6. Rch2411 Photography

    Apparently the Giant words are the subject and the flatten people are the fill. Plus I think his shirt matches the backdrop; sorry guy it isn’t your fault at all! Any plan back drop would have at least separated his shirt. No!

  7. Click the check box next to “Preserve Aspect Ratio”

  8. What kind of a wedding has the groom wearing a red checkered shirt, anyway??

  9. I think it’s an engagement photo – can’t wait for The Wedding LOL

    • I don’t know…I think it may be a wedding. Look at the veil.

      • Yeah, you are probably right. I see a bit of white flowers as well. Hard to fathom. What a scream!

        There shouldn’t be a license but an old fashioned GUILD would be awesome.

      • At first I thought it was a save the date card, but then I too noticed the veil and flowers…

        I’m thinking it’s a wedding photo…

  10. BurninBiomass

    Something foreboding about the “I do…” hanging over them like the the Sword of Damocles.

  11. Cranky Catholic

    I don’t get it. The creator of the image is claiming to be a photographer based on what?

    • You do know the guy who runs the site usually crops out the watermarks right? If it’s on this site, someone got ripped off by paying for it. That’s the whole point of the place.

      • Cranky Catholic

        Yes. I understand when I see a censored watermark “████████ Photography,” but this image lacks one and could be just someone messing around on Photoshop. So where’s the proof this is a Fauxtographer?

  12. Let’s assume this is a courthouse wedding, which is perfectly acceptable and one might want pics of that special day. If the photographer is going to go to so much work on the background, why not A) shoot them without a flash in the face so the bride can actually open her eyes, and B) spend a few second cleaning up their faces so they’re not shiny and red or washed-out?

  13. Wsroadrunner

    I’m figuring they are wishing they hadn’t after seeing this picture. LOL

  14. This “blog” is just as terrible as the fauxtogs it aims to judge. The comments lack wit and the author points out the same crap in almost every post…”spot colour this, badly done cliche that”. Who’s to say the person running the site knows any more than the fauxtogs he or she is judging. There’s never any comments from the author on composition, lighting, etc. This started off with such potential but has spiralled into one obviously amateur photo a week with a badly written caption.

    Next week on http://www.youarenotaphotographyblogger.com...

  15. Guy kinda looks like Forrest Gump…

    Run Forrest Run!

  16. I feel like the image is squished too.. is it just me? or do their heads look squished

    • It looks like they cropped the image without maintaining the aspect ratio.

      We’ve all done that once – the first time we tried to crop in photoshop and then realized oh – that looks like crap! Undo – click maintain aspect ratio, and recrop.

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