Hung Shadow

hung shadow

Not only is her stance awful, check out what her shadow’s packing!

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  1. her shadow is bigger than mine! :/

  2. Smilliton

    Looks like the belt off her jacket hanging down, and it’s barely showing above her knee..but then again I’m not 12 years old..

  3. Whew…shadow-penis aside, looks like the colour tone and saturation are waaaaay off for that kind of portrait. The poor girl’s skin tone looks as if she has been irradiated by the toxic green grass.

  4. I know all there is to know about the crying game

  5. Wow. Funky colour and questionable shadow aside, I just can’t picture this model in this setting. There is a long list of “what’s wrong” with this photo but at the very least, the photog could have either changed the viewpoint to avoid the parking lot in the left side of the frame or cloned it out. I can’t stop wondering what those people in those cars are doing. On the plus side it almost makes me stop looking at the poor model.

  6. Ha ha! This made me giggle bet this didn’t sell well! 😛

  7. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go..

  8. She may be wearing Dior but her shadow is sporting Wang.

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