Hulk Swing

You wouldn’t like me when I’m swinging!

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  1. What the actual fuck is that..speechless.

  2. BeckyBoo

    Not sure the profile pic is too clever either lol

  3. Lindsay

    looks more like an oversized green garden gnome on a swing

  4. Holy crap. Actually just CRAP!

  5. James

    Would make a good album cover…30 years ago

  6. Looks like the subject took a few headers off that swing! Discolored cheek bone, glasses askew…

    • Wsroadrunner

      I think the fauxtog had to beat the crap out of him to be able to take the pic.

  7. Ah. Euh. Yes. Uhm. Naaaaaaa…………. Fail!!!

  8. What were they thinking?

  9. Siobhan

    I don’t think they were thinking, lol.

  10. This guy’s ‘work’ is also being displayed over on The watermark is different but it’s the same business name. Also, it has the same profile picture. You can figure out how to get to his FB page from there. His work is terrible but for reasons I’ll never understand, he has people who like it.

    • Snappy

      It’s because friends on facebook don’t tell the truth – they just encourage the crap to continue.

  11. Meowcate

    I think this is the worse thing I’ve ever seen on YANAP, and only one word : why ?

  12. This is amazing…finally, proof of Extra-Terrestrial life. And they are green, just like in the movies!

  13. Frankie

    What’s wrong with it????
    Oompa loompas are cool, I don’t get the purple grass though….makes it look a little stupid…..

    Okay all joking aside…….nope, still PMSL.

  14. Pelham

    I don’t know what bothers me more, the horrible green skin/purple grass or the weird-ass position of the asexual subject. *sigh*….

    But cheer up, people, if there’s one sure thing about faxtogs it’s this: they only shoot portraits, boudoir, weddings, infant and maternity. There’s a whole world of other things to shoot, and get paid for. I’ve made good $$ shooting horseshows, animal portraits, food and wildlife, just to scratch the surface.

  15. Snappy

    C’mon guys, you don’t have a space in your hearts for cool and edgy Lomography?

  16. Hailey

    The sad thing is that pic is from 2010 and she hasn’t progressed much since then. :/

    • Melissa R.

      Oh, my. Scroll halfway down…on the right….Sexy Mother’s Day shots?? eww! (To make it even worse the “ad” gets cut off on the edges making it say “Eating memories” instead of “creating memories.”

      • Melissa R.

        And I feel kinda bad railing her, but why the slogan “unforgetable prices”? This would make a good ‘Not a GD’ submission.

      • “Hilarious…. Someone took a pic I took in August 2010, and posted it on some site making fun of what I do. Well, I take that as a compliment if you had to go that far back to get what you needed for ammo. It’s all good. I’ve never claimed to be the best, or a 20 year vet. All I do is keep working at it, and I don’t disrespect anyone on any level of the game. If you don’t like what I do, why surf through it when there’s billions of other pics on here? LOL.”
        Me think not so much hilarious as scary that fauxtogs can’t recognise themselves even when ‘outed’!

  17. NicCole

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever burst out laughing upon first sight. Wow…


  19. Wsroadrunner

    They even stole his pants and left him in his boxers and the village peoples boots

  20. dodie

    This guy is horrible, his whole portfolio is junk…. but folks LOVE him! Maybe we are doing something wrong. I’ll just start producing green photos of people and get really popular~NOT!!!

  21. That page has a 1.000 likes? Serious drunk Facebook Page liking going on somewhere..

  22. olivia

    Some…a few…maybe 2 or 3 pictures… out of their portfolio would actually be decent, if they could just tone DOWN the saturation and stop airbrushing every detail out of their subjects faces. I cringed multiple times, but I just couldn’t stop clicking…

    • It’s HDR (high dynamic range – like Lucis Art) done very poorly.

  23. Oh God. The fauxtographer has posted a comment on his FB wall about having a picture here on YANAP. I’m not even in the photography business but because I’m not blind, I know good quality work when I see it—and this guy (and everyone else featured here) do not do quality work. I get very annoyed at how delusional these fauxtogs and their clients are so I can only imagine how professional photographers feel.

    • Snappy

      People don’t want to admit they were ripped off, even if it was “bargain photography.” They could have gotten this for free by handing an 8-year developmentally-delayed nephew a disposable camera and getting their stoned kid brother to do some “Artistic Photoshopping.”

      • I’d rather admit to getting ripped off than continue letting fauxtographers put out this kind of work. If more people admitted being taken by this guy (and all the others), then maybe these folks would close up shop. But then again, if that happened, we wouldn’t have this site to come to and get a good laugh.

  24. Carrie

    OH MY GOD!! I just read the comment that was posted on the FB page. Then I had to go put a new pair of contact lenses in and re-read it. Are they really implying that someone had to go back to 2010 to find “ammo” for this site when there are a billion other pictures on there? As in, they think they got better in 2011/2012? No, no. ALL of the pictures are bad, even the current ones. In fact, I can guarantee you that if this person is taking pictures right this very second, the end result(s) would be just as shitty as they’ve always been. JUST. STOP. IT.

  25. bubba

    Perfect… just what we need… another color blind fauxtographer!

  26. i would be ashamed if i posted something like this

  27. krissy

    You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby…..
    This guy might get somewhere if he laid off the wacky edits…

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