Huge Hand

huge hand

Whoa lady, those are some large hands you’ve got there!

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  1. That is just bad!

  2. I hope the person who took this photo (and the pregnant lady) don’t come screaming about a stolen pic :). I never went back to look at that circus that “green lady” turned in to.
    In any case, this is certainly an interesting composition. In typical faux fashion, the details escape them. In the pursuit of moody lighting, a position out of the ordinary to set you apart, you failed to notice your lighting gave the poor lady a claw. I may get flack for it but I would have captioned it “even demons can have babies”.

  3. spfldPhoto

    Is it just me and my monitor or is this just a black with orange image? I don’t even see this hand you’re talking about.

    • cameraclicker

      There are two hands, a belly, and a bit of shirt. The image is rotated, so she appears to be defying gravity.

  4. lol Bob, your comments are always great!

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