How to Ruin a Decent Photo with an Ugly Inserted Back Drop

Decent photo absolutely ruined by the back drop, and nope, it definitely wasn’t requested by the bride.

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  1. this is really grasping at straws- there is so much worse then this !

  2. weatherlover1

    Why would you choose a blurry background for a picture like that? It really takes away from the girls. It was a good picture but the backdrop ruins it.

  3. It’s not bad IMO.

  4. Susan, Tiff, Kelly and Jo

    we are the same person

  5. Looks like a Lord of the Rings background. Lame.

  6. ummmmm…this isn’t all that bad. Not the BEST choice in a backround, but certainly not deserving of THIS website….

  7. Um…I think you may have jumped the shark on this one, YANAP. Seriously, this isn’t near cringeworthy enough for this site; there is so much out there that’s truly awful.

  8. Who’s to say it was not the best background at the location? Unless you were there, you can’t really say it was not the best background choice. This one strains to make the list. C’mon find something worthy.

  9. The bride looks hot!

  10. The black eye strips are the best part….

  11. Anonymous

    Im sure they used “Picnik” to edit this as i see so much on the “i have a SLR so i am a photographer” websites

  12. I think this is worthy of inclusion. The backdrop is truly horrible and absolutely ruins what would otherwise be a passable photo. It’s not as if many other “semi-decent but ruined by one thing” photos haven’t been posted here before.

  13. This is just hyperbolic drama. The backdrop doesn’t “absolutely ruin” the photo at all. I thought they were just sitting in front of a painted wall.

  14. While I agree with the title that this photo was good until the background switch, this isn’t that bad at all. Whatever happened to YANAP showing truly terrible examples of “professional” photography? I see more and more that aren’t all that terrible (bad, but not terrible).

    This person appears to have an understand of bounce flash, proper exposure, above average posing ability (I’d tell the two on the back right to stand up strait and turn the one to the upper left a bit more towards the bride), everybody is smiling, and the color isn’t off. There is more technically correct with this photo than there is bad. Ideally, the photographer would have used a shallow depth of field to fix the background but we don’t know the lighting circumstances or what was lurking in the background so we can’t say if this was a good idea or not.

    I feel this site is quickly becoming a “look at this photo and make fun of it.” Before, the idea was to out terrible fauxtographers. This photo especially and a couple others, are getting away from the true idea of the site.

  15. It’s fine. Looks like plenty I have seen.

  16. i don’t find it all that horrible, tbh.

  17. This isn’t awful…there’s much worse to be had. But it’s true that the background isn’t doing anyone any favors.

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