Horrible Edit Face

Horrible edit

Bravo! This is definitely one of the worst edit jobs we have seen!

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  1. So, I tried to keep a straight face while typing “Why, what’s wrong with this?”.
    Then I broke down laughing. What a shame to have taken what appears could have been a lovely shot turned into dog doo via their photo editor of choice. And again, great effort put forth to deter image theft though if I look hard enough, I think I can see a spot they didn’t watermark. Egads.

  2. That is what is so sad about this photo. It could have easily been a good photo.

  3. It makes me wonder if it is the persons photo. How can you know how to take a photo well but then make it look sooooo hideous in photoshop?! As it is it’s just…….WOW!!!

  4. Underneath all that shop, there’s a pretty lady trying to get out. Hope she didn’t sign a release.

  5. Bernard Rentajag

    I’m just really confused by this. How many more badly implemented ideas were they going to add to it before they realised it looked awful?

    • Bernard Rentajag

      Putting the line of the box THROUGH the middle of her eye. Only selectively colouring bits of the hair.

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