Hillbilly Bday

Just throw some cupcakes and balloons in the back of that there truck and we got ourselves a birthday photo shoot! Don’t matter if the baby likes it, just throw a big old tutu on em!

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  1. Oh dear. That’s all.

  2. Why do these people try to crowbar so many f’ing props into these shots? Is it because they can’t depend on their fauxtographic talents to carry them through? Oh, wait, nevermind.

  3. Meeshybee

    …. WHY?

    And this fauxto proves there are rednecks in Florida, not just old people. I recognise the license plate.

    • I’m pretty sure Florida is actually entirely populated by old people and rednecks.

  4. Well they obviously lack photographic skill. But we all start somewhere. I can only hope they didn’t charge for this and its just practice. Although its not exactly the smartest move putting a baby on the back of a truck like this!

  5. That kid is going to grow up, look at this picture, and think “no wonder I’m making that face, this is completely stupid.” The best/funniest/cutest baby photos are always the spontaneous snapshots. This staged crap is soulless and the only thing they’re going to get out of it is “look how much you hated this! Awww!”

  6. Oh, gods! This is the mixed metaphor from HELL!

  7. MorticianMom

    Awesome!! All it needs to make it complete are one of those fake nutsacks hanging from the trailer hitch . . . .

  8. That poor little boy. lol

  9. Better Redneckognize!

  10. Sick of their shit!

    OMG. That is so awful! So typical of the bs I see locally!

  11. Ironically, 13 years later…pregnant in the back of same truck. Pictures coming soon!

  12. The only thing missing are those trashy balls people hang from their hitch.

  13. See, I look at it differently – I imagine they all thought it would be pretty funny to pile all that stuff on a banged-up pickup with the beat-up tool box, and I think it worked. I think it was meant to be humorous and the kid’s expression clinches that.

  14. I agree with Susan – it’s supposed to be funny. And it is. If it weren’t for the watermark, I would consider it a documentary photo. I’ve seen worse on gallery walls.

  15. I’m with Susan and Ron. This is Cult. Like one of those weird French movies. It’s not for everyone, it’s just for the odd “Connaisseur”.

  16. This site loses its credibility.
    I think we (as readers) are entitled to some proof that these are really professional photographers trying to sell these images. And I don’t mean a watermark or facebook comments.

    • Another Robert

      I agree. Just because they have a Facebook page calling themselves XYZ Photography or whatever doesn’t mean they’re actually selling this crap. I’d like to see actual links to prices and packages to prove they’re marketing their services.

  17. I also get the feeling somebody was trying for an ironic juxtaposition here. I would love to hear the story behind this one. In its own way it reminds me of my sister’s wedding rehearsal..at which the wedding coordinator was being such a fashion-nazi that my sister and her groom asked me to show up at rehearsal in my boots and work-hat.

  18. This could have been cute if the fauxtog had lost a couple of the props (namely the balloons and fuscia boa thingie) and then filled the frame with the baby and cupcakes so that only a portion of the truck showed. A small “1” candle on top the highest cupcake would have been a lot less distracting, although I would have selected cupcake holder smaller in height than the baby. And, geez, why not give the baby a cupcake to taste/play with/smash. Otherwise, it’s kind of silly to have them in the photo to begin with.

    I can’t really comment on the baby’s clothing (since I can’t really see it among all the other props!)

  19. TigersEye

    The dent in the tool box really makes the photo. Nothing is quite as tasteful as trucks and toddlers. 8)

  20. TigersEye

    Can’t help but think that maybe the reason for staging the photo in the back of that pick up was because that was where she was conceived.

    Also thinking that the “one” sign is part of a larger sign they hang on the back of the truck after a big victory at the local H.S. football stadium… “WE ONE”.

  21. no one special


  22. If you look at the bottom of the tailgate where the license frame is, you can just make out OKLAHOMA

    Not surprised at all 😀

  23. I’ve been following this trainwreck for a while. I found her while looking for a local photog. She charges anywhere from $200-$300 for a session. It’s people like this that give real photographers a horrible name.

  24. Taylor

    That baby is about as unhappy as she could be.

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