Hell Yes!

From normal kid to super intense iron winged lightning lord! Only $29.99 and this could be you!

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  1. It looks like the lightning is hitting him in the crotch! Yikes!

    • I like to think that instead of lightning striking his crotch, his crotch is creating lightning because he’s just that badass, lol.

      • Burninbiomass

        Its “Ya gonna Eat Lightning and Crap Thunder.”, not “pee lightning”.

  2. Complete with skin-peeled-off-face look! Awesome! I want to learn how to do this, can you show me please, huh?

  3. Just noticed the crotch lightning- classy! Sign me up.

  4. hahahhaa, maybe the lightning is coming from the crotch?!

  5. Is the lightning hitting him in the crotch… Or coming FROM the crotch?

  6. This is wrong in soo many different ways

  7. Hell no!!!!

  8. Burninbiomass

    Do you want to live forever? Hawkmen… DIIIIIIVVE!

  9. Jilly Jay

    Pretty sure there will be nightmares tonight!

  10. Is the face photoshopped onto the body? Why is the face orange?

  11. This would be a good shot if the photog left out the lightning, and the sword, and the wings, and boy’s head, and the boy’s body!

  12. Why does his face not match the rest of him?
    How do those wings stick on?
    And WHY????

    • Gal with a Camera

      1. Either he did a bad makeup job, or the fauxtog did a bad skin smoothing job.
      2. Photoshop my good friend, photoshop.
      3. Because the fauxtog was either drunk, or crazy. Or both.

  13. I’m having this airbrushed on my van immediately. It will complement the unicorn riding wizard perfectly!

  14. Gal with a Camera

    He didn’t blend his face makeup into his neck. And it is NOT even with his skin tone! Oh no, Michelle Phan is not proud right now…

  15. My 8 year old just looked at it and said “That, Mom, is a horrible picture. Tell me you didn’t take that!” while looking horrified… Then he came back and said (with a straight face) “Who would DO that on purpose?” started shaking his head “What is this world coming to?”

  16. This is so very awesomely craptastic! Lmbo it made my day! LOVE it! *clapping*

    • I guess I don’t hate fauxtography as much as I thought lol

    • It made me laugh, too.

      It’s obviously supposed to be bad, but it could have been much better in its badness. The fauxtographer’s skills betrayed him despite the distracting image.

  17. …Is that the actor who played Joffrey on Game of Thrones?

  18. To steal a popular phrase:

    “What is…I don’t even…?”

  19. LightningGirl

    It’s even funnier because the “wings” are actually a pair of earrings/ear cuffs….

  20. AbsyntheGreene

    It looks like the top of the wings has been cut off, and was the electric erection really necessary?

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