He Has A $2000.00 Camera…


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  1. I hardly think the price of a camera is any reflection of a photographers skills. What a stupid statement to make. I’d love to know what his pictures look like.

  2. SusanaDorantes

    Someone email him and ask him for his portfolio.

  3. “Close if not the same quality as a PROFESSIONAL!!!”

    At least he admits he’s not professional! 😀

  4. meeshybee

    I have a top of the line vacuum cleaner, does that mean my carpet is immaculate?

  5. Wsroadrunner

    “a” 2,000 dollar camera. Meaning no backup. I wonder if the clown has any lenses?
    “Close to professional”. Meaning no real viable experience
    Will send pictures via email = no lab for prints

    Sadly, somoene will be foolish enough to let the idiot ruin their wedding photos.

    • Brent Schmidt

      What does having or not having a backup camera have anything to do with it?

      • bob dole

        dude are you serious? I think you are not a photographer:)

      • David Anderson

        What would you do at a once in a lifetime event and your camera quits? Nothing? Hummana, Hummana…???

      • Timothy

        A photographer without a backup camera is a disaster waiting to happen!

      • I have two primary cameras, a backup choir each and then a secondary backup….you never know. I did have one fail during a wedding once…thank God for the backup.

    • As a professional you should definitely have a second body but as a hobbyist who earns some bucks with photography from time to time, I don’t think, that it’s really necessary. When I bought a new body I kept my old one as a backup but fortunately didn’t need it so far.

      Sending high-res photos via email could be a funny task :D. When I think of modern cameras and what size the files from those are, this could be a lot of emails to send …

      • Timothy

        I guess that depends on what you are shooting; if you are shooting a wedding, for pay, or another event, you best have a second body. These things are computers and they do fail.

  6. I won’t say that it’s impossible that this guy does not indeed take fantastic photos. He might…though more than likely he’s average at best, or he would have a portfolio to back up his claims.

    As for the service he is offering, I would not want to chance my once-in-a-lifetime event to somebody with no credentials or portfolio.

    I’m a little surprised we have not seen the evolution of an internet-based group of amateurs offering to practice and improve their craft by offering sessions for the price of the CDRom or location rental. There are already hair salons where a patron can get styled by a student for almost-free and there are culinary colleges that offer discount fine dining reservations to the public to sample student cooking….so why not a fauxtog…or should I say FREEtog community too? Would you guys as professionals begrudge something of that nature provided that the amateurs were not allowed to make cash profits?

    • Providing photography service for free is, I believe, not legal, or at least highly unethical. You’re artificially lowering the value of a skilled profession. Yes, there are still people who will pay top dollar for a seasoned professional, but there are many more who will risk the newbie for no cost, and it forces the more middle of the road photographers to sacrifice their own prices to compete. Schools that offer customers discounted services (like beauty or dental schools) are offsetting that lowered cost for the service with the tuition the students pay.

      Practicing on friends and family is one thing, but advertising to do so for little to no cost to the public is different. If you’re new and want experience shooting weddings, apprentice yourself to a paid pro and offer your services to /them/ for free.

      • Real professional photographers aren’t that affected by this, and you won’t see them complaining on the internet.

        Most clients that are worth the hassle know that you get what you pay for, the ones that go for a fauxtog will soon regret it, and their friends will know better when it’s their turn…

      • You have some good shots, Lindsay, but there’s just a bit to much centering of your images for my tastes. I’m not saying that the “Rules of Thirds” has to be followed religiously, but I think you could benefit from applying it more.

      • Timothy

        There is no law, at least in the US, that makes it illegal to offer any service, including photography, for free. As for the ethics of it, it does seriously hurt the industry when you outright do it for free, or charge way too little.
        When you do offer work for free, you need to put the value on it. For example, I spent 6 hours at the studio yesterday doing 4 family shoots at no cost to the clients. They were completely aware of my regular rates and that I was running a very special promotion as I needed some fresh family sessions in my portfolio (I had stepped away from portraits for a few years because I was doing more corporate events).
        They had secured their positions for this session with a contract and a credit card and were aware that if they did not show, they would be charged the session fee to which they could use for a future session. They all showed and they all respected the value of the service they were receiving.

      • Wow, thanks ss but I wasn’t really asking for any criticism on my work. I’m also not a pro, I’m a hobbyist. I have a full time job in a different industry.

        Anyway, I see you didn’t link to your work so its kind of tough to judge how much I value your opinion. I’m not being snarky, just honest.

      • JustSaying

        Truthfully, the people who hire non-professional photographers are typically people who either can not afford a professional, or they are people who wouldn’t go to a professional photographer and spend that money. They just want someone to take their photo and not pay a fortune. I’m not saying that is always the case, but most of the time they are people who wouldn’t go to a professional. Most people who can afford a professional, will get one.

      • Lindsay, no offense was intended. I’m not a pro either and I’m also employed in a different profession. It was meant as constructive criticism, which I suppose has no place here given some of the comments from others. Good luck on your photographic endeavours.

      • Sorry, SS. I didn’t mean to sound so defensive—and you’re right, a lot of the photos on my site do have a central focus. I need to update with some of my newer stuff.

        I think sometimes this site breeds mean-spiritedness, unfortunately, or at least the comment section seems to.

      • not legal ? get over yourself . to become a ” professional people need to practice there art, to gain experience and gain knowledge. As for someone to advertise, He has a total right to, so long as he does not falsely advertise.
        If I as a customer want to risk hiring someone without a portfolio or experience that’s up to me surly. However ill advised that maybe.
        and in any case he might be better than some of the so called pros.
        i have on occasion had the experience of.

    • Local to me us a Facebook group that allows amateur photogs, models and make up artists to collaborate, trading copies of images. It’s a big and active group where people can practice for free. Great for the non professional.

    • I am currently studying photography and have been doing sessions with friends and family at no cost because they are actually helping me to achieve my goal of one day becoming a photographer who can justify charging clients big dollars. The reason I do this is BECAUSE I have ethics and won’t charge people for my lack of skills and experience. I think, even if there was a community like this (which I think would be a wonderful thing for people like me) but fauxs wouldn’t take part in it. To them photography is just a get rich quick scheme. They don’t see it as an art and therefore don’t think they need to learn, practice and better themselves. They look at their work, say “yeh that’ll do” whack a tacky border, spot colour or other hideous editing and their watermark and label it as pro. I don’t see a community like this causing loss to already proffessional photographers. People who want free photography were never going to pay a pro to begin with.

      • Well said , there does seem to be a spectrum of photographers.
        but I’m with you it’s an Art , not just a way to make a living.
        it’s the satisfaction of creating something pleasing to behold.
        good luck with your goal.

  7. There must be not enough current fauxtog content if the site has to dig up stuff that is over 3 months old.

  8. So owning a $2k camera body makes you almost pro? Really!?! Hey, I own a car, and know how to top up the fluids, fill the tank, check the tire pressure and use a paint pen…but I sure as shit am not going to call myself a mechanic.

  9. I guarantee his “$2000 camera” is a D90 with kit lens.

  10. Jcthecutie

    What a moron. Hey, come steal my camera!!! lol

  11. That’s why we have options. He says he’s a “cheap photographer”. I mean some people might not be able to afford “professional photographers”, so there he is. Take it easy guys.

  12. I have lenses that cost that. Big deal.

  13. A $2000 camera with kit lenses, and he probably shoots on auto. But hey, the camera cost $2000, so the photos must be great, right? It’s like on Jay Leno (yeah, yeah), where he showed that ad for blinds that read, “Breathtaking view when open.” He responded, “Good. I’m tired of looking at those dumpsters.” The price or quality of the gear doesn’t make something good. A $250,000 Ferrari isn’t such a hot car when you wrap it around a tree because you don’t know how to drive. Sadly, this jag-off will probably get takers.

  14. I have a $300 camera that I bought used! I’m doomed!

  15. My wife has a great oven but that does not mean she is a chef.

  16. He’ll make you than satisfied… I think he might be selling more services on the side…. I’m just wondering when people began to think photography was a way to get rich quick, let alone get rich. I also wonder how people got the notion it was easy… “Oh hey, I just point this at stuff, press a button and, voila! Photography!” One DSLR mania has died down, we’ll see lots of good used camera equipment on the market 😀

  17. He’ll make you more than satisfied… I think he might be selling more services on the side…. I’m just wondering when people began to think photography was a way to get rich quick, let alone get rich. I also wonder how people got the notion it was easy… “Oh hey, I just point this at stuff, press a button and, voila! Photography!” One DSLR mania has died down, we’ll see lots of good used camera equipment on the market 😀

  18. Anonymous

    At some point, I’d rather prefer this marketing statement than some statements by professional photographers who “capture memories and cherished moments preserved for eternity”.

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