He Deserves Better

Dude, the guy puts his life on the line for his country and this is what you do to him? This is why YANP exists. He deserved so much better.

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  1. Wow… I am a soldier myself, as well as a photographer, all I can say is wow… What disrespect… I just hope that was a mistake that was an accident while uploading, I can’t ever imagine that being a real photo piece…

    • Isaac Hayes

      I would hardly call it disrespectful. It’s obvious the photographer doesn’t know how to handle their camera but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect some one.

      • I have to disagree with you. The disrespect happened when this “photo” was uploaded to someone’s business page and not deleated. By doing that, the fauxtog said “I don’t care about this soldier, or his family, enough to provide them with the quality they paid for.”

  2. This has to be a cell phone pic right? it cant be from someone who says they are a photographer?

    • It is a ‘photographer’. I came across their site while looking for someone to help me with my family photos.

    • This is also a cellphone photo. Photography has very little to do with the equipment and everything to do with the person behind the lens. http://www.delcambres.com/ljhost/luke_steve_airport.jpg

      • Anonymous

        Agreed that you can get a good cell phone photo. I’ve got them myself. But, I was saying that it looks like a cell phone photo that I see people posting all the time – not a photo that was taken by a photographer.

      • okay i have been in this moment myself and honestly you dont give a shit about the picture being taken! all you care about is your loved one being home. so its a blurry picture who cares. i want one of your relatives to leave for almost 3 years and have their life be at risk the entire time and then come home and you can tell me you honestly gave a shit about a “perfect picture”. and if you do.you dont have a heart!

  3. Anonymous

    This was probably posted because they thought the shot of the soldier in the background was ‘cool’.. they got lucky and caught an a focal point by accident.. just couldn’t delete it. A mark of a decent to great photographer is found partially in what they do not post (deleted photos), vs. what they do.

    • WHAT focal point??
      There isn’t a spot on that photo that is in focus.

      • Anonymous

        not exact focus, but probably enough for them to think the photo has ‘value/interest’.. the soldier in the background, top left in frame.

      • Anonymous

        Considering the crappy vignette, I doubt the soldier in the background was his focal point at all.

  4. I feel for this family! As an Army wife, I would want those precious moments to AT LEAST be in focus! I hate the fact that people are paying someone to come witness that moment in their lives and help cature it….and then not even be able to see the photo! The family could have had a friend do the same thing with a point and shoot for free, and maybe with the blurryness….learn to use the camera before taking clients (any clients) that are asking you to capture such an emotional moment!

  5. Oh hell. My husband is a soldier and if I paid someone to take homecoming pics like this, I’d be seeing red. Homecomings are something to be cherished, and amateurs do NOT belong behind the camera at events like these.

  6. While I know I’m not the best out there… This pic makes me sad. Homecoming photo ops are priceless and this person just screwed it up. I hope the family got at least SOME good ones?

    Btw- if you’re in CT, I will shoot your homecoming for FREE. 🙂

  7. He certainly does. Is this supposed to be a professional job? Or, is this person taking his/her artistic license too far?
    Really bad stuff….. grrr

  8. As a taxpayer who paid that soldier’s salary, who in turn paid that fauxtog, I am personally offended.

  9. skippymarv

    That isn’t a bad photo at all.

  10. It’s times like this that I want to go and purchase a glaive.

    And because I own a glaive, I can be a FAUXExecutioner.

    People deserve better than this. Shame.

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