Hay Kisses

hay klsses

Oh hay that sure is cute…

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  1. I’m now clearing my calendar as I expect to keep laughing for at least a few more days. The touching moment shared by this couple has been stunningly ruined by slapping them on a bale of hay and no, faux, this did not improve the stunningly crappy pose of the two of them on either side of the hay. I suspect that they are engaged to each other but you’ve done nothing to “engage” them. They look as though they are listening to you yakking about the weather. Wonderful trifecta with crap pose, crooked horizon and cheesy photoshop job (poorly done at that) in an attempt to make this a cute shot.

  2. Are they having a roll in the hay… or are they in the hay roll?

    Either way, interesting all round.

  3. Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

  4. Looks like one of those famously surreal Russian wedding portraits. Just magnificent.

  5. This is why I visit this site! Technically bad snaps are a dime a dozen but rarely do they combine such creative, yet cringe-worthy composition and editing!

  6. This is amazeballs.

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