Happy New Years

Baby is a lightweight! There’s still so much rum left and he’s already passed out!

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  1. oh for fck’s sake… WHY?

  2. Crystal

    Who… What.. I just….

  3. Well that, and it’s a gay rum. Everyone knows you don’t give a newborn gay rum, it’s like asking for your kid to be gay. (It’s a JOKE people)

    • No it’s not. It’s a homophobic bigoted slur and nothing less.

      • Oh yes, clearly you caught me. Good Lord. Want to hear how big of a MORON you are???? I AM GAY YOU IDIOT!!! Jesus-tap dancing-Christ.

      • cmon already

        Lighten up!

      • Interesting that people are offended by everything except using the Lord’s name as a curse word. That offends me.

    • Lol! 😀 Clearly the other comment doesn’t get the joke in your statement

      • and those other 8 people who “liked” the comment

      • Clearly you didn’t read my comment. What they posted is not a joke. It’s a simple minded homophobic slur. Get it?

    • HAHAHA… I thought similar things LOLZ.. and the day we have to stop making jokes about gays is the day women will have to stop making jokes about “STUPID” men…

      Why can’t people just be happy… even if they are gay… or men… or fat… or blonde… or short…. or bald……?

      Viewer – try being happy in 2013, you’ll like it more!

      • Canaduck

        Step 1: Defend homophobia while throwing in a quick insult about those mean ol’ women–this is your only chance!
        Step 2: Conflate the real-world oppression of homosexuals with that of men, short/bald people, and blondes. (…huh?)
        Step 3: Viewer didn’t actually say anything about being unhappy, but be sure to announce that s/he should just pretend that oppression doesn’t exist and that all prejudice would disappear if we just giggled a little more.

      • Really sad that people think like you do in this day and age.

    • You saying it’s a joke doesn’t make it so. It’s a homophobic slur. Plain and simple and ithas nothing to do with “people not getting it”. It’s you who is not getting it.

    • NicCole

      Holy shit, you can catch The Gay from what you DRINK??? And here I thought it was from having sex with your own gender?! Idiot.

    • Hey LOLZ, this is the issue with using satire; people take it at face value and don’t like to recognize it as what it is. Don’t worry, though, there are those of us that realize that you are being satirical and not serious at all.

  4. Cause when I think “Merry Christmas”, I think babies and booze…. They really do go hand and hand….

  5. So lacking in good taste and common sense – it’s not even funny.

  6. Ugh, how dare someone post a picture of a baby doing the “shocker”?

    That was so 2008.

  7. Canaduck


  8. I had a Christmas period…and I was not happy about it.

  9. Annoyed

    I think we’re all getting away from the basics here. Aside from the fact that it’s a completely tacky idea, execution failed as well with a scrunched up in all the wrong ways baby and the big old flash reflection on the bottle.

  10. TollToll

    I saw a picture of a newborn girl passed out with a “happy new year” hat and noisemaker in her other hand, hugging a bottle of Welch’s sparkling juice, HILARIOUS. This newborn holding alcohol… tacky.

  11. In this case, I’m more worried about the parents than the fauxtog….

  12. *facepalm*

  13. I’m in agreement with Annoyed, above. Regardless of how tacky or juvenile it is to set up this photo, the real issue lies in the execution. It’s not completely hopeless, but there were mistakes made and that’s surely what landed the photo on YANAP.

  14. What makes them think I am on my period???

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