Happy New Year


I hope this little guy has a designated driver. I sure wish he’d had a designated photographer.

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  1. Are you serious? This has to be a new year’s joke! Who the heck take a picture lie this?

  2. Stephanie Hunter

    Did Chelsea Handler have a baby?

  3. john s.

    Trailer trash photography!!!

  4. Where is thi world going?

  5. Where is this world going?

  6. Wsroadrunner

    Technically speaking, the shot is correct. Decent white balance, focus, and color.

    The rest is just so wrong. Unless it’s predetermined that the baby will grow to be an alcoholic……

  7. A photographer

    Pull the alcohol out of the theme (i.e. put in a baby bottle and some formula) and it’s a cute picture. The “blanket” background makes no sense however.

    • I agree. The random wrinkles in the blanket are annoying, and distracting.

      • Wsroadrunner

        The wrinkled blanket is an old Olan Mills trick… cheesy then, cheesy now

      • But still used today because they think people still like it….I know I have to do it daily at work and more irritating is that the customers ask for it and request it and bring a crappy snot and formula covered blanket from home for you to put their babies on. It is not always the photographer…sometimes it is the “know it all” parents….

  8. this picture is horrible even without the alcohol, for those its a cute picture wow we know your a fauxtog.

    • Come on, It’s kind of funny for a new year’s card or something…we are sure noone gave the newborn any alcohol…and there is no selective coloring! Thank you for that.

  9. the subject matter does what all art should and thats get a reaction, look passes as art in the tate modern and some of tracy eminin work, and after all photography is art and for that it does its job, but it aint great technical picture. and we got remember all art is subjective

  10. Actually done well, but just sends a bad message.

  11. Andreas Steen

    They should totally have exchanged the brown blanket for a trashed hotel room, then it’d have been much better.

  12. “musical photo montages”……… do you think they actually pay for the rights to the songs? i’m sure the musical artists would love to know that someone else is profiting from their work without giving them a cut.

  13. If you think this is in bad taste check out the rest of their work. Complete with fake magazine covers, spot coloring and all, ugh.

  14. Melissa

    It does state: “for all ocassions.”

  15. Lame… This was probably amusing the first few times anyone did it. Now…lame.

  16. Katherine

    maybe someone should call C.P.S. ?

  17. Janet H.

    Not only is this fauxtog’s taste level questionable, s/he didn’t bother to proofread. The last dictionary I checked had “occasion” spelled with two c’s and one s!

  18. That baby looks dead of alcohol poisoning. Are we sure this isn’t a crime scene photo?

  19. Omg. This is so wrong.

    Everybody knows you don’t photograph a baby is a disposable diaper. Yuck.
    Plus, it would be way funnier if baby was naked. Like any good drunk should be.

  20. OK well I actually think this is a hilarious picture. Given that a true photographer had his/her own spin on it, I wouldn’t be mad about the content, I think it’s funny. Though I would want some serious photos too.

  21. Well actually, I found this photo rather interesting. Oh it is totally inappropriate for a working professional. But from the point of view of an art piece I think it’s got a certain something to it…and it can also be used as an ad campaign against drinking whilst pregnant perhaps?

  22. I think that this picture is cute. I don’t think it is endangering the baby in anyway. Taking his picture with a bottle of Grey Goose does not make him a future alcoholic.
    I am not a photographer, never claimed to be… so as far as the technical stuff goes I don’t know. I think this was probably something that the parents thought of as a joke. Don’t tell me you haven’t had parents want to dress their kids in goofy ridiculous stuff.

  23. PMKphotography

    I savd this image, so that When I have kids I can shoot this pose… MUCH BETTER of course and I won;t try to sell it, but I think it would be a funny pic to have. I take pictures of my dogs drinking and smoking from time to time ,cuz it’s funy though NOT professional in the least!

  24. Doug Mitchell

    Might work as an ad: “Drinking irresponsibly has unintended consequences” or maybe “Drinking while pregnant gets your baby drunk too”

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