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  1. Well, if you plunked me in the middle of a field in my train I’d have a dour look too worthy of gray. Kidding aside, just more of the usual crap lighting (love those racoon eyes), massive depth of focus and poor editing skills. All in all, it just sucks to be little Billy or Johnny or whatever the poor little fella’s name is. It’s ok kiddo, maybe next time your mommy and daddy will dish out cash for a real photographer. Or maybe not.

    • Bernard Rentajag

      Massive depth of field (focus), but the kid is actually out of focus. That takes some real skill.

  2. I’d like to explore that garden. Shame the drab little sad little kid is in the way.

  3. The reverse selective color is the least of the problems. Who cuts their kid’s hair like this. Do they want the kid to be teased in school??

    • True. But for all we know, that’s pretty much the norm wherever this kid lives. However, our “job” is to critique the abilities or lack thereof of the tog. Subject’s looks are another matter. Heck, for all we know the tog deliberately drained him of colour in order to draw attention away from the “doo”. Still a fail regardless.

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