Granny’s First Boudoir

oh gawd

Please… Do not move that fan!

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  1. I don’t do boudoir so I can’t comment on the merits other than I don’t think the lighting is flattering. Other than that, I find the background immensely distracting unless they really wanted the hanging lingerie and tiger in a top hat to be part of the effect. It’s not a comment on the model/customer but I find I’m fascinated by the tiger with the top hat.

  2. Geekcr

    Well, we should at least credit the guy-girl-whatever for having no huge “Look ma I’m a pro photographer” watermark on the photo. I’d say the photo’s half decent, and seems that at least some thought went into it. Seems to me it meets your expectations for when you look into an album titled “my first time shooting lingerie” that’s hosted on Facebook.

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