Good Girl

A pat on the head is such a loving gesture… to a puppy…

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  1. skynigurl

    Oh no this isn’t suggestive at all :/

  2. OMG !!!!!!! It looks like he is pushing her head towaards his crotch …Who wouldnt want this on the way for all the family to see

  3. There is so much gold in this photo. Setting the gesture ans positioning of the subjects aside, WTF is the guy doing on the hill in the background?

  4. You got some purdy lips…

  5. NicCole

    All of my comments are too dirty to post. Shame on them.

  6. Uhh looks like she just did do a good job. Lol They are both smilin! she must have swallowed!

  7. I don’t think the way they are posed is horrible but the two people in the back ruins it. It would not be a pose I would pick though that is for sure.

  8. what’s up with all the activity behind them? SO many things wrong with this.

  9. darcilyna

    pretty sure that’s a kid doing a backbend in the background on the hill. hmmmm

  10. Kimmy B.

    LOL… “While you’re down there…”

  11. I am so uncomfortable right now.


  13. You know, there’s only one reason a man puts his hand like that on a womans head…

    And seconding the weird guy crawling in the ground… Seriously?

  14. BurninBiomass

    Dear oh dear oh dear…

  15. NoSheDi'int

    The pose is horrible, but I really can’t get over the random people climbing on the hardscaping in the background…

  16. flecksable_flyer

    Photography 101 When a Dumpster in the background would have been better (and more appropriate).

  17. FalconGTHO

    I expect that this is a D/s couple.

  18. clubted

    If only there was fill flash to get it right. Too many shadows. A good porn fauxtographer would have got it right.

  19. Looks to me like he got told to take his hat off and put it on her.

    Also LOL at the background.

  20. Foil Gamma

    I had shivers before. But now I can handle everything.

  21. LOL! No comment necessary with this image! It says quite enough without words!

  22. DA FUK IS THIS????? My work thats feral!!

  23. So many things wrong here. The awful positioning (wtf?!), the main subjects hiding in the shadows, the weird background activity, and the sunlight that’s highlighting it. Awful.

  24. No way a pro photographer did this…except as a punked / prank….

    The lighting, the pose, the people in the background….arrrrgggggg!

  25. And someone is using this picture to advertise their photography skills?
    The lighting. The background. The composition. The background…. Where do you stop????

  26. But she must’ve done a good job, they’re both smiling and she’s getting a pat on the head! 🙂

  27. People here always mention seeing advertisements under the photo but I never saw them before. Apparently I don’t get them on my computer but I do on my iPhone. Pampers advert under this one…they won’t have any kids doing it that way!

  28. Omg..even better it says “pet euthasania” above the pic lol

  29. OMG….just discovered you and cannot stop laughing….these photos are both laughable and totally tragic! What people will do to pass themselves off as professionals….yikes!

    Thanks for making my day…will be back…would not want to miss a thing 🙂
    Happy Weekend!!

  30. “While you’re down there darlin’…?”

  31. You’d have to be homeschooled in an amish village to not realize what’s going on there in terms of suggestion; wow, fauxtography at its finest.

  32. It’s rude to force a ladies head…

    Unless your a porn star.

  33. Dude, don’t push her head down. Just ask. Use your words. Holy heck.

  34. Good Girl? No, doesn’t remind me of that. Reminds me of something else. Altogether. No I don’t want to see the video…

  35. That is one poorly exposed, poorly posed shot.
    Oh and the kid in the back is about to plank.

  36. This was actually a prono photo shoot. Right after this, he unzipped his zipper and proceeded to make her mascara run…

  37. This picture reminds me of pictures I have stumbled across elsewhere. Only those are usually shot better.

  38. Hobbyist

    Should have used a reflector to borrow some of that ambiance light around, put the man’s hand under the bill of the hat like he’s lifting the hat up to see her face and not pushing her head down for something else entirely, and waited until the people in the background moved! But hey, I’m just an amateur. I don’t know as much as the real photographers, er I mean fauxtographers 😛 I think the noob has potential though.

  39. I love the people in the background.

  40. Mad James

    A porn website logo would’ve made all the difference to this photo.

  41. A little girl in a MENS LOCKER ROOM? REALLY???? brauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <—just puked.

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