Go Arizona Go

That pink tile effect really makes this photo something special.

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  1. kimbilina

    Another Fauxtographer in need of either glasses, style , and or medication

  2. Why is a little girl in the men’s locker room? The fauxtog forgot to add the Brazzers logo.

  3. WHAT?!? Everything is so distracting, it’s like the GIRL is the background and everything else is the focus.

  4. Looks like something you would do with Instagram.. :/

    • Stop sipping on the haterade. This looks nothing like a product of instagram. It’s a bad photo and it’s poorly edited, but it’s just as easy to “achieve awful” with a D4 and photoshop as it is with an iPhone. The problem is the photographer, not the tools.

  5. WTF? Men’s locker room? Child predator!!!

  6. What is with people who think it’s really cool to have skin color erased and everything in color?? I doubt I’ll ever understand that …

  7. This is creepy in the message… a little girl in the men’s locker room creeps me out!

    • Meowcate

      Right, I was saying “It just need a pedobear in the corner”

  8. Why is there a LITTLE GIRL in an ad(?) for a MEN’S LOCKER ROOM??!?? Little girls do not belong in men’s locker rooms. The pink tile is bad, and yeah, a lot of other things are, but I can’t get past the little girl part.

  9. Is she a present for somebody? Shouldn’t someone call police?

  10. What is that thing on her head? Yikes, this photo “blows” worst than the last photo yanap posted
    (pun intended)

  11. Kid doesn’t look too happy. And what has she got on her head? And what is the picture ABOUT?

  12. If these fauxtogs would take half the time to actually learn about lighting and composition instead of trying to see how many photoshop or picnik edits they can cram into one photo they might actually become decent photographers.

  13. Apart from the poor resolution on this image, whats with the awkward expression? A case of the flash being fired at the wrong time?

  14. The expression is a 7 year old’s fake “parent” smile. I have 3 kids and I know that smile all too well.

    The spot coloring is garbage and having a pre-teen girl in front of or in a college men’s locker room is just plain wrong. (or even a teen girl in one…)

    The only reason or time a girl should / would be a men’s locker room is if there is a “girl’s only” event going on at that venue and they need the space for the teams. I’ve seen that done a few times at various Big-Ten Schools and larger High Schools. Even then – that is not something I capture as an event or pro photographer.

  15. First and foremost, if you intend to visit my site, actually read the about me section and note that I am in no way offering any photo services. I am an amateur.

    Secondly, I may be an amateur, but the spot color is awful, as well as the tiling. And why on Earth would you want to photograph a preteen in front of the men’s locker room? Could the fauxtog not finding a better and more APPROPRIATE location to photograph the child?

  16. Annoyed

    I love that her face is black and white, but her eyes are colored in blue.

  17. With all those special effects going on, they forgot to blur out the “mens locker room”! That would have solved the ethical issues of this terrible photograph.

  18. Why is she next to the Men’s locker room???

  19. First, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that she’s either outside the room or is only there as part of a stadium tour–that there are no naked men in the room with her. Please, God, let it be so.

    Second, WTH. Spot coloring everything but the girl? Applying a weird pattern to a wall that didn’t require it? Doing some kind of back color of the sign? I’m assuming that white’s not usually there. What is any of this supposed to achieve? If the shot is to highlight that she’s visiting the stadium and all that, checking out her favorite sports team, why not just…show that? Why turn it into this hot–and pink (but not hot pink) mess?

  20. What is that little girl doing in the men’s locker room? I was an ASU student. I knew there was something really wrong with U of A… Armpit of America, that Tucson…

  21. I’m looking at the girl and if I’m not mistaken, she appears to have a fuzzy gray/discolored aura. It appears she was extracted from another photo and placed in this shot of the locker room sign. Look at the wall behind her hairpiece and close to the left side of her body. Am I just seeing that incorrectly?

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