Glow Heart Baby


It would appear that this fauxtog has a heart-on for bad editing!

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  1. WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Seriously????

  2. I thought the kid was surrounded by toilet paper at first..

  3. ummm….. i got nothin

  4. If I could get paid to be this bad I’d do it… 😉

  5. I actually rather like this photo. Despite the unnecessary “glow” effect, what’s wrong with it exactly?

  6. Sadly, the comment is the worst part. The person commenting is excited for the person to take THEIR photos. :O

  7. That’s what you get for 30 bucks a shoot…

  8. Looks like the Nexus ribbon from the movie Star Trek: Generations

  9. I don’t think there are enough wrinkles in the backdrop, just sayin”

  10. Tacky. That is all.

  11. Jack Martini

    Is the baby stuck to the wall with velcro?

  12. Cranky Catholic

    Pirate Baby is soiling his booty.

  13. David Gutierrez

    That is such a great idea. I am going to use.

  14. Radioactive baby!

  15. I feel like the baby is jumping through the heart… it kind of gives me vertigo.

  16. “This member is no longer active on Flickr.”

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