Giant Fetus

That’s one giant baby.

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  1. OMG! Now that`s just awful.

  2. Anonymous

    This takes things to a whole new level of terror… (

  3. WTH! I hope nobody paid for this lol so funny!

  4. Awwww maybe it’s a Halloween photo, I didn’t even think about that.

  5. Oh my. That is truly terrifying. Happy Halloween!!!

  6. IT’S ALIVE!!!!

  7. Dominique

    Oh my, that one is really scary!

  8. No amount of education or mentoring….will help the person that perpetrated this….

  9. Jennifer

    Someone needs to call an exorcist cause that is scary.

  10. Anonymous

    It must be an Alien baby!

  11. Part of me almost refuses to believe that someone paid for that.

    • Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Worst (or best?) fauxtography job ever!

  12. Who is to blame? The fauxtog who did this or the customer who approved it?

    Demi Moore had the best preg pic EVER… why not show some courage and get more inventive… why must they yank up their shirts like that? So grade school to me.

  13. Those baby images always look ugly. I’m fine with waiting till it pops out to see what they look like.

  14. I just puked in my mouth a little…

    • Mee too… Uggggghhh, this is bar far one of the worst maternity photos I have ever seen. This trumps everything on here. How could anyone look at the final product and say “yup….perfect”????? The fauxtographer needs to be slapped by vin diesel – hopped up on PCP, as hard as he possibly can.

  15. Hope for her sake she’s havin’ a C-section . . .

  16. Susan Hoffman

    Can you say “C-Section?” Seriously – this is just spooky.

  17. Katherine

    I just have a very difficult time believing that anyone thought this was a good idea, let alone a professional job…’s quite sad what people will settle for these days just to save a buck

  18. This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

  19. Dazzasdoorknob

    That is gonna give me nightmares.
    Some of the stuff you put on here is a new level of awful.
    I’m sure people open the camera box on Christmas morning and think the power of all that is photography is immediately bestowed upon them.

    This creative piece of rubbish demands the photographer should never pick up a camera or use photoshop again. Ever. period.


  21. Hahaha, my six-year-old brother was looking over my shoulder and said, “That’s weird. No, that’s really creepy.”

  22. Wsroadrunner

    That’s BEYOND creepy

  23. OMG!!! First when i looked at that picture i almost feel of the chair!!!

  24. OMG this is the worst on this site… so far

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