Giant Cloud Baby

It is said that Giant Cloud Baby photoshoped himself into the sky to watch over all the little fauxtogs.

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  1. Whenever I see angel wings, I feel sad because he must be dead. 🙁

    RIP little cloud baby. RIP.

  2. Annoyed

    What the F’ing F?????

  3. some babies are really ugly! don’t take pictures of those!

  4. popkorn

    The clouds are devouring his face like a flesh eating disease.

  5. I believe the word is photoshopped. If you going to insult someone’s pictures, at least get your spelling correct.

    • If you going to insult someone’s spelling, at least get you grammar right.

      • lol….you are as bad as one another……

      • *eyeroll*

        Now, children. The term is actually PhotoShopped, as PhotoShop is a brand name. If you want to get really technical, add the copyright/trademark symbol too. And it seems that good grammar is becoming a thing of the past. Sad.

        Oh yes,the pic is terrible.

    • If you can’t Photochop right, it doesn’t matter how you spell it.

  6. My pictures are better

    • what>? no they aren’t, and SEVEN years experience, yikes. This is a joke right?

      • Mrs Woo

        Perhaps she was actually saying that humbly (i.e., I’m not an awesome professional, but what I do is better than that).

        That being said – maybe I don’t know enough about editing after all; but a lot of Michelle’s pictures seem to have missed focus and still made it to her portfolio shots. Please let me know if I just missed the point of good photography.

    • ithurtswhenipee

      No they are not. Don’t come here often I bet. I thought I was looking at this site’s archives. No offense, use this site as a guide of what not to do.

    • I seriously hope you aren’t actually Michelle but just posting on her behalf! Holy cow, Michelle could have have her own little section on here!!!!

      • Did you see the Facebook page for Michelle?

      • no, I didn’t see the FB page and now it seems to have gone! Aww!!!

    • Your clients must have horrible skin for you to airbrush them devoid of all features. Why, just why, do you do that to your pictures? You have some shots that could be beautiful.

    • I’m not sure, but even if your PHOTO’S (no photographer should call them pictures or snapshots or such and such..) were better, does it make you feel better saying that on a site like this? Try having a cocky attitude on a professional photography website. See how far that gets ya.

      • ….or on Or Or Good luck!

    • Uhm Chell? Just looked at your stuff and you really have to back off on the overexposure, missing limbs, bad cropping, Gaussian blur, spot colour and Dutch angles. You have some stuff that could be decent if you hadn’t gone and fucktarded it over in PS.

      • The FB page isn’t gone, you should see the photos there. Holy Cow.

      • Emphasis on the spot color. Holy moley, never seen it in such abundance like that.

  7. No, no, no!. This is Boeings new commercial airliner – “for a flight as smooth as a baby’s bottom!”

  8. Yet again, I feel sad that this is what people think and see in their minds when I say photo manipulation. Sad =(

  9. Canaduck

    Is it THAT challenging to take a picture of a baby with both eyes open? The “Awesome Hat” photo had the same problem. It certainly isn’t close to the worst aspect of these photos but it really doesn’t help.



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