Ghostly Greeting Card

Unless the effect the fauxtog was going for was a ghostly greeting card, we think they failed…

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  1. Who ya gonna call????

  2. Aww. Somebody turned the light on in the darkroom and ruined the print. Now I’ll have to do it all over again. But I’ll put this one up on the innerwebs anyhow.

  3. A photographer

    But if that WAS the effect they wanted, I’d say it was success. It’s a good combination of overexposure to reduce detail with lowered contrast to create a dimly visible face.

  4. Hanimex Omelette

    “Oh, look. It’s a card from…uh, I can’t tell.”

  5. Judging by what I can see of her eyebrows, good thing. I HATE that whole pencil-thin thing girls are doing.

  6. wait…….what?

  7. Now that I’m looking at this all over again, it looks to me like a semi-transparent, wrinkly cloth – crinkled organza? – that she’s looking through. So I’d say it’s intentional and not post editing here. That doesn’t change how puzzling it is as to why someone would use such opaque material in the first place then leave it so dark and underexposed.

  8. GallopinGourmet

    I see dead people …

  9. It looks like one of those photos that if you stare at it long enough an image starts to form…. Oh! It’s a girl…… in a dark room! I get it! 😀

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