Ghost Car

Photographer thinking : Aw, that would have been a cute shot if my car tire hadn’t been in there. Oh well, onto the next one.

Fauxtog thinking : Aw, that would have been a cute shot if my car tire hadn’t been in there, I bet I salvage it though! It was my best shot!

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  1. Farnsworth

    Someone needs cs5 and content aware or even the patch tool

    • Incredulous

      That was my first thought too. Patch tool would have fixed that right up.

  2. Someone needs to have an actual eye for photography and see the tyre before taking the frigging photo. It’s not exactly subtle.

  3. If this came from a “professional” photography site, this is alarming! The person who shot this actually thought it was a good idea to just blur up the car fender and tire and that would make it okay? I wouldn’t have shot this photo in the first place unless it was just a family album snap. The angle is all wrong. It’s best to get down on the same level as the child and shoot back at the child so you at least get a few cute face shots. Use a shallow depth of field to get a soft background blur if you want to, but that smudge going on in this pic is just terrible.

  4. One of these days you all are gonna have to post where these are coming from!

  5. Be nice to see her face, too …

  6. I was trying to work out which one was the ghost. The blurred car wheel or the bright as white burnt out highlights on the dress?

  7. What tire? I don’t see any tire…

  8. oh what a waste of prettyness! such a gorgeous little girl (I assume because I can’t actually see her face) imagine the beautiful shots a real photographer could have got with this concept. Such a shame!

  9. Geekcr

    Oh those weeds are absolutely stunning, and what’s that lovely patch on the ground next to her, a giant cow patty? Almost makes you forget about the car in the background that’s clearly about to roll downhill given the apparent 45 degree slope it’s parked on.

  10. Wsroadrunner


  11. I think the fauxtographer was out shooting using a car as a background – then saw this and said -boy if I crop it…dang tire is still there and I shoot too wide or my P/S gives awful bokeh – so let’s just blur it out…

    Agree with the PS 5 comments – if it was going to be shown, clone out the tire…

  12. NicCole

    That little girl has gorgeous hair! That’s the point, right?

  13. Orlando

    This has poison ivy written all over it.

  14. I did a quick 3-minute fix for the fauxtog using the CS6 Beta. All I did was mask and use content aware fill then a little clone brush on the edge of her hair to blend it better, if I actually felt like making an effort I could make the blend look a lot better but I just wanted to see how hard a quick fix would be with CS6.

    Click my name to see the results.

  15. Hobbyist

    What’s with diagonal shots??? I loathe them! It seems to be very trendy and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

  16. fireandice20062008

    This would have been kinda decent…sigh. Ruined by the blurry black blob

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