From The Depths

She’s looking for her ring. She’s pretty sure some Hobbits stole it.

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  1. Cedar

    What have they done to that poor lady’s spine?

  2. Lalalalaaaaa

    HAHA! Love the caption!

  3. Amelia T

    she looks like the skanky daughter from “sons of guns”

  4. Jennifer

    Why. Just why?

  5. UncleBob

    Day-amn, you are one flexible lady! lol!

  6. Being comfortable is so important to taking good shots; you can see how her comfort has supported such a natural and compelling photo.

  7. WilBob

    Does this pose make my ass look big?!

  8. That pose is so uncomfortable/weird. It makes me wonder if this is a Photoshop Disaster. But I don’t think the photographer has the skills to glue a head and its reflections from one exposure into another. So I’m left with a portrait that gives me muscle strain just by looking at it.

    • As frightening as it is, I think that gal is just in a super creepy pose.

  9. Virginia

    The caption makes it.

  10. Pelham

    This looks like a really, really lame take on one of those spread-ass-cheeks in the air, boobs-squished-on ground shots sometimes seen on pinup calendars and postcards from cheesy tropical destinations featuring heavily tanned girls. OK so she has the cheeks spread, though with her lower back rounded you can’t see the separate cheeks like you’re supposed to…and as for wtf happened to the rest of her…gawdawful. And she has no neck and her head looks gigantic compared to the rest of her.

  11. Geno T

    Run. I hear banjo music.

  12. Jenna

    bwaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! O_O

  13. Axl Rose himself couldn’t do that.

  14. BurninBiomass

    Come on guys, she is just noodling for catfish.

  15. her head looks like its floating in mid air….just creepy. love the caption!!

  16. That one guy

    okay, besides for the horrible pose, its actually properly exposed, nice lighting and its sharp. The fact that s/he let that photo get online is how you know its a little fauxtogy but im hoping theres better more… ‘traditional’ poses… of that shoot in their portfolio… Technique is only half the job, creating something pleasing to look at is the other…

    • In situations like these, you ever wonder what the outtakes must’ve looked like?

    • Chris

      Umm… The lighting is bland cloudy-day lighting with the reflection off of the water providing fill. It works but it’s not “nice”.

      It’s sharp because even cheap camera’s can atuo-focus well and kit lenses are plenty sharp these days. Same goes for the exposure.

  17. ess.eee

    looks like her arms were amputated :/

  18. Randy Marsh

    Break yo-self foo!

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