From the Archives: Amateur Photographer vs. Professional Photographer

We lost the archives from the old site, so we’re posting some of our favorites.

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    too often the case anymore.

  2. Wsroadrunner

    I like the irony that this was made using an amateurish movie-making application with the motto, “If you can type, you can make movies.” Was that just by chance or purposeful?

    • Well it was probably made by a Photographer, not a Flash video programmer. But if they charged $500 and hour for that flash video they would be giving programmers a bad name.

  3. I love the last line – “We are hot chicks with big cameras, who needs talent…”

    That describes 75% of the “photographers” I saw at a local park a few weeks ago…

    • Don’t forget “We are quirky chicks with cameras. Our fun personality makes up for our lack of skills.” A similar breed, but different.

  4. I value the time and talent of my second shooters. I would never insult them by asking them to help me shoot a wedding for free. That’s absurd. Obviously I try to find photographers who already have a good base of photography knowledge. Why would you go photograph a wedding armed with second shooters who don’t know what they’re doing?

  5. I’m a bit surprised that you guys did not back up ANY of your old files. I mean, I’m no professional blogger, but wow…a memory stick or external HD isn’t that expensive.

    • We do have a Tumblr back up. We obviously also have a back up of the pictures.

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