From Behind

This one’s for grandma!

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  1. Bernard Rentajag

    And complimented with that classic inconsistent soft focus effect, achieved by a lovely big fingerprint in the middle of the lens.

    • yea i was wondering between a missing lens hood or something.
      I bet you are right with a big smude on the lens.

      • A missing lens hood wouldn’t cause soft focus..lens hoods are for flare and only when light is coming in at very specific angles. Hard to look like an elitist when you don’t even know what a lens hood is for..

      • Jackd? How about Jackass? I saw no where that Alex was “elitist”, only that something was technically wrong with the photo that he could not pinpoint. You sound like the fucking know it all.

      • The entire point of this site and the comments are to be elitist. There is difference between not being able to pinpoint a problem with a photo and not having a clue about basic photographic equipment.

      • no, it’s not. the point of this site is to expose fauxtogs. and one does not have to be a photographer or as you put it elitist to have taste and see that a photo is just badly composed, edited and/or blurry.

      • The entire kitchy definition and term “fauxtog” is born of elitism. One does have to have knowledge of photography if they’re going to sit there and speculate the reason why there is a problem with an image. It’s one thing to say “This image is terrible” and another to say “Well that photographer clearly didn’t have his whosit shifted to the clutch position to help him double up on his aperture”

        It’s also hard to take the opinion of the clueless seriously when it comes to something like that.

  2. Anyone else think of “Deliverance?”

  3. My grandmother would kill me one million times if I gave her a picture like this….not to mention what I would do to myself for allowing such a picture to be taken of me…..

  4. He just looks tired, and she looks defiant – “yeah, I’m in a terrible photo, so what?”

  5. Why does everyone pull that ‘I-wanna-look-sexy face’? Only porn stars who are about to get owned pull that face off. It’s not hot, you just look angry at your life. At least look like you enjoy getting done from behind.

  6. Is this a scene from “Deliverance”?

  7. but …. but he observed the rule of thirds!

    It must be good. You’re all mistaken.

  8. Poor grandma.

  9. I have a feeling that this couple owns a windowless white van.

  10. reactiveload


  11. is that SKITCH coming out of her. LMAO

  12. REGULATORS! Mount up!

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