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    @poka my pleasure. To this is all in my opinion. was told that she is a faux. Which, compared to all the funny photos posted on this site, is an unwarranted call. was also told she is a faux. Quite a bit nicer than Malula,. was a little bit off. For me too.

    Anyway those were just a few that I can think of for now.

    Though I do agree that they aren’t at the level that some of us are (not to sound real high and mighty) I just don’t think that there is this necessarily a cut off point.

    I think that mostly everyone has the right to charge whatever they want. I think there are FAUX photographers. And it’s so incredibly clear who they are. and none of the people here would ever make it to the front page of this site.

    Then there are the rest. These people have every right to charge whatever they want. It’s really up to you to change your clients mind from making your photography “cost” this much, to being “worth” this much.

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    If they see terrible work as talented then they’ll see yours as the Sistine Chapel.

    If you want to survive in this industry then you have to get better at marketing yourself and being a better businessman. Those clients who would pay for $20 photo sessions aren’t clients that you want to have anyway. Find clients that value art. Market to those clients and make them know why it pays to pay for that extra dollar.

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    I do.

    Weddings, music festivals, gigs, Fashion Weeks.

    People who charge nothing doesn’t bother me.

    If your clients are so easily swayed by people who are willing to pay the cheaper person…. then get better clients.

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    I’m not talking about the step from Fauxtographer to ‘professional’. I’m talking about the defining step from photographer to paid ‘professional’ photographer.

    So far I’ve seen three great photographers here who has produced great work. Despite what their work can produce the question is asked.

    How long have you shot?

    When answered, the immediate reply would be, ‘stop charging¬†immediately’

    There was an instance here where a girl, who is creative and talented in her own right, charges fairly for her talent & experience, is told that she shouldn’t call herself Pro and is warned,

    “Not only that, but you are undercutting and devaluing legit pro togs work in your area”.

    I mean if they aren’t good enough to survive against people who would sell short. Then they need to step up their game as a businessman.

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    Though, in essence, I agree with what you said. There’s somethings that just concerned me a little with your post.

    1. I’ve worked with great photographers who’s only been shooting for half a year and I’ve worked with horrible photographers who has shot for 20 years.

    2. She can charge just as much as she wants. If clients pay her then that’s great. We aren’t selling products of equal value. If you want to charge $1000 for a shoot. Make your shots worth $1000/

    Either than that yeah I agree with what you said. You could have said it in a bit less douchy way ūüėõ but all in all your critiques of her work are spot on. I wouldn’t say she should stop charging. She just needs to take that step from being talented to being technically sound.

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    hmmm. I see the style you are going for but most of your photos are loosing information in the highlights. It’s possible to shoot in the style you do and not burn your images.

    But all in all you are doing fine. Don’t worry about the 1st commenters comment. He’s just a little bitter he’s loosing clients and he hasn’t adjusted his business model to the times.

    For example, ¬†I was asked by a client to do a Wedding. I told him my charging rate. After realizing that I might be a bit out of his budget, I deferred him to a few photographers I’m training. Photographers who are amazing in their own right. They charge quite a bit less than I do. But guess what? They still chose me in the end.

    I wouldn’t say you are a faux. You are a photographer. Just need a bit more training to perfect your style.

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    I personally wouldn’t for these reasons. Because¬†it sounds like it is quite¬†noticeable¬†and it’s distracting. Especially you are shooting in a wedding environment. ¬†Blending in is a big thing.

    During concert shooting and wedding shooting, I’ve always worn either black or something that makes me blend in and invisible. If you are noticed more than your shots, then you are doing something wrong. IMO

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