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    well… my first ever shoot ended up making a person become the face of NZ fashion week. So if you look at it objectively, I started out pro ūüėõ

    i kid i kid. (jokes NZ slang)


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    Over all i think you are alright.


    You have a hit and miss when it comes to composition. Sometimes it is fun to break rules but you have to be careful and know how to break rules well.

    The Composition with this photo is a little bit off. The blank space on the left really doesn’t add anything to the photo, if anything it detracts from it. You have to ask yourself why there is such a space there.

    The composition with this one is a lot better. Even though you had the same theme, her face leaning back gives that space on the left meaning.

    If you want to get better at photography. You have to start asking yourself the reasons for why you are shooting like that. What is the point of this wall apart from showing off the bokeh? The composition with this works quite a lot better. It’s not just a gimmick of showing your DOP but rather it adds depth to your photo


    I see you trying to break the rules but rules are there for a reason. Rules are there because your eye has a natural grace and pattern to it. If you want to break this rule, if you want to break any rule in anything.  You must have a really good reason and execute it well.

    Overall your technical skill has a bit of improvement to go. You have a couple of great photos! Just remember to have meaning in your composition and you’ll be sweet ūüôā

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    I think at the moment it’s a Canon thing. It’s more natural for ISO to be 160 than it is to be 100. I haven’t really done my research with other brands but it’s definitely a thing for Canon.


    Have you thought about getting the Canon 70-200? The IS on it is great. Definitely reduces shake even when shooting at 200mm

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    The question was never the relation to fstop to iso, it was iso to a cloudy day. In which case there is none.

    Also fun fact if you are real persistant about having less grain to minimize noise. ISO that are divisible to 160 produces less grain. In fact studies have shown that 160, 320 and 640 have less grain than 100.

    I just have a question though more related to your thinking process which is very peculiar.

    You are saying that you adjust the shutter first (your comment about not compromising shutter speed) then you adjust ISO then F-Stop?

    I’m not saying its bad. It’s just unique. Definitely different from the way some people shoot. Usually it’s either F-Stop or Iso first then shutter is adjustable.

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    Sorry to break it to you but it’s cheating a lot. But using actions is exactly the same as using auto instead of manual on a camera. Using actions means that you don’t know what you are controlling and aren’t learning. ¬†Photoshop isn’t cheating. I thought about it and it’s as cheat as using A DSLR.

    Do you allow the camera to¬†evaluate¬†what kind of photo that will come out of a camera? It doesn’t matter if you are already so rehearsed with the outcome of an action, it’s exactly the same as letting the camera shoot in auto and saying, “no i chose to do auto because I knew this setting would react like this”. Adjusting things like luminance and saturation doesn’t take long and are easy [also white balance shouldn’t be done on Lightroom. That should be done in camera and you should be shooting in K] .

    If you cut down photography as 3 equal areas. Planning, Shooting, Post-Production. You just said that you are only 2 thirds a photographer and one third computer.

    The fundamental things that Photoshop allows isn’t cheating. Grading something allows you to do so much and creates a lot of platforms for you to¬†enhance a photo. Using Presets however is cheating.

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    Yeah that is a part of the grading process. But with colour. Most shots, wether it be through curves or whatever, are done mostly by pushing the blues highlight down to get a yellowish highlight. Red’s would be pushed up. Etc.

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    yeah you are right click it.

    Yeah favourite lens is a legit question. Everyone has a go 2 lens. Mine would either be the 50 1.4 or the 35 1.4. I can’t decide between those two. Probably 35. no 50. yeah i like 50 better. But i’ve never really thought about having a favourite F-Stop. That’s just a silly question. That’s exactly the same as asking what someones favourite shutterspeed is.

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    Your techniques with camera are pretty good, so i won’t comment on that, instead though I will say that If you are going to take the next step with your portraiture or fashion then you need to realize that how they pose and their body language greatly affects the photo.

    [] love this photo. Good job.

    She looks really awkward and it’s too posed. Her eyes and mouth just don’t make it seem as though she’s relaxed. Whenever I shoot with a new model or someone i’ve never worked with, the first hour of photography is usually rubbish. Because I spend time making it feel as though the poses don’t matter. And when that happens, when she relaxes, then the more natural positions comes out and things fall into place.

    For example

    why does she have her face on the wall? the wall is neither sexy nor is it appealing. The pose isn’t necessary.

    Don’t make them do the go 2 pose of hand on hips. and if that happens, be aware of the other arm that it doesn’t just dangle there.

    Anyway that’s it on body language now to your grading.

    I think you might be getting too comfortable with your grading. For example. ¬†The basketballer shoot just didn’t fit the part. With the grading it gave the photo a soft atmosphere as opposed to what the image.


    this image could have been really powerful but the grading to this just didn’t fit at all.

    Just make sure that you aren’t too comfortable with grading. This could have been an opportunity for you to try out different techniques, different feels but to me this photo fell really short to the impact it could have.

    I know that all of them are individually graded. But they were all running in the similar direction

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    haha definitely.

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    browneyedgirl… i really hope you are joking when asking what ones favourite f-stop is or what iso someone would use on a cloudy day… Those things are not even remotely related. I really really hope you don’t think that the ISO has anything to do with a cloudy day, K maybe, but not the ISO. and favourite raw conversion program?? waaa?


    explain yourself cause, to be honest, you sound like you dont know what you are talking about…

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    Oh Al. You got trolled…. Although I do like your line of “35 and having contributed more to society” ¬†Ido want to hear that!

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    Boom. i’m a way better commentator when I’m not half asleep lol. Anyway what are your thoughts?

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    I see where you are coming from and fundamentally I do agree with you. But there are some factors that¬†separate¬†us and I guess it’s not something that neither of us is right or wrong in a situation. We are just both birthed from different worlds.


    I agree that although you should learn from your shoot. You shouldn’t look at the shoot as a lesson. I think it’s unfair for the photographer to assume the client will be okay with you learning from making a mistake. In fact I saw what I accomplished last year and decided to take a break this year. I wanted to focus on my film career and bring photography to a bare minimum. I did this because I wanted to get myself ready for the next goal and prepare my photography to reach the next level. I think I probably lost quite a few potential paying clients but in doing so, in honing my skills in private, I think I can start climbing the next hill.

    But what I don’t agree with is that the bar should be set so high and in failing to do so they fall in the faux zone. I honestly don’t think that they will fail. I think that they won’t ever get to the point of having a solid income stream from it but for most of them that’s okay. The way I see it is that they are charging fairly and will reach their desired goal. They are great photographers for the target they market to. Do I see them getting published? Well I hope one does. I hope JVendetti becomes successful but reaching out further than their talents and investing more than they can chew is the only time I see them perhaps failing.

    More and more do we have photographers who will have this set bar of ‘good’ photography. And I think that’s okay. They will have a good eye and will have lots of popularity on facebook. They will be affirmed by their peers and every soo often will get given a gig that they can charge over 1k for. If they ended up handing their portfolio in to say a National level gig, I don’t think they will get in… but that’s okay. That’s their level that they aim for and i don’t think we should criticise them for that. More and more photographers like this will come in because thats the time we live in. We are in the era of the SLR revolution. Decent Cameras are soo dirt cheap. But calling these people faux is I think a little unfair because they have the clients that see their wage fair.

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    Thanks for  replying and thanks for not taking my post the wrong way.

    Anyway I was extremely open to why those two questions (not asked just by you) come up often. I was intrigued as to why this was the primary focus and, admittedly, I was annoyed that it seemed as though that people here are capping potentially new good photographers.

    I agree with your comment on how Megan didn’t take critique very well. I think she’s riding on the fact that she has quite a few thousand likes on facebook which means that she’s made it big in the industry. I actually had quite a bit more than her on facebook but I deleted my account because, well ¬†I was entering a new chapter [heading towards video work] and I ended up becoming too arrogant and¬†concerned¬†about the social media that I ended up taking photos to simply get more likes. I was shooting at this big concert event this year and after having won a competition in NZ Fashion Week, I was feeling quite proud of my level but I met the rest of the team. 7 Photographers who were just incredible. Sure I might be the best photographer in NZ for my level but I was the best in the measly Welterweight division and they were heavy weight boxers here. I ¬†knew I had a long way to go. I was extremely humbled and honoured to be working with them.

    However in saying that, I do agree with pretty much every commentary that you made about them but calling them faux. I understand that your concern is for the clients but i think that they are fantastic in their own right.

    Lets use Megan as an example. Yes I do agree that she has a lot to work on, mainly her attitude on shooting. I haven’t met an artist who changes the style of their piece ever photo and hopes for the best. In fact there are two things that concerned me with what she said.

    “I am inconsistant.. on purpose.. eeeeeek I know that sounds so bad.. but up until now I have always approached every single picture as art.. as a painting almost.. I do each one individually and not in order”

    ”¬†but my focus is slightly off.. I should hold back from publically posting‚Ķ you have said a pro would NEVER show someone an unperfect image.. well then I am not sure I want to be that kind of pro”

    But based on those comments alone, I don’t think calling her a Faux is warranted. She stumbles on great photos but i don’t think ¬†shes a faux because of it. I just think that she won’t mature which is really her loss.


    Anyway. I’m getting really sleepy. I’ll wrap up.

    In short I do agree with what you said and most of the commentaries that you made. I do agree that you can be real and be soo critical in doing so. I mean it’s a troll website anyway, people should expect to be burnt a little. But i just think that you’ve set the bar too high in being a “prof” photographer and if they dont’ reach that, i don’t think they are faux because of it.


    I do appreciate what you said.
    “If you want to be a photographer, I don‚Äôt want to discourage you, but I do have to get real with you.¬†”

    thanks for your comment too. Yeah the only thing that I do change with my photographs are the colour grade. I’ve worked in lots of environments now and the most important thing is that you are consistant in your work. I would rather come out of a shoot with 100 above average photos than coming out with 100 average and 1 great photo.

    anyway. sleepy time. me no making and sense anymore. sorry!! I’ll check up on this when it’s not 1 am.


    haha make that 5!

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