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    and yes. You can judge the use of colour. Don’t be ridiculous.

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    Na, go 2 MM and reenact how you worded everything and the same opinions would still come out.

    Don’t get upset when you don’t get the answer you are looking for in a website designed pinpoint Fauxtographers. Now you are just acting innocent of all this? bah.

    If you want your photographs to be better then take responsibility to make them better. Art and Technicality aren’t unrelated and can easily work together.

    My first post was good advice  that I would give to anyone truly seeking for opinion on how to get better – something I thought you were doing. Instead of what i think you are doing now. Outing someone out. What I gave was a universal standard in any photography forums. Modelmayhem or otherwise.

    You can take that advice or leave it.  If you are above becoming listening to opinions, go right ahead and think me pompous. The choice is yours. Doesn’t bother me at all.


    P.S You don’t define what a real photographer is, sorry but client being incharge of defining a photographer? ridiculous. 🙂

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    Don’t get upset just because you’ve been caught out. You were outing someone out. You could have asked this on Modelmayhem but you didn’t, you posted this question on ‘youarenotaphotographercom’. You could have posted this on the photography showcase but you didn’t, you put it on ‘are you a faux’ forum. Lastly you even put the title as “faux”.

    Imagine if you were a photographer who worked with someone only to find your name and your hard work being unwillingly critiqued  on a website that focuses on Fauxtographers.

    Go right ahead and keep asking for opinions, but try getting any other photographers on MM shooting for you after having knowledge that you would just run to YANAP to critique their work.

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    Weird. Posts not turning up. Anyway..

    Lol. getting a wee bit personal and upset are we? Na, someone who doesn’t have experience with the field doesn’t define what makes a photographer sorry 🙂

    Sorry but I don’t really value your opinion as anything more than someone who needs to lash out.

    All the photos  critiqued wasn’t judged on something arbitrary like beauty. It was judge on things like colour, lighting, editing. Things that have a distinct reasoning behind.

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    It was unbelievably rude, it was unprofessional, and it was something you’d expect from a teenager…whoops.

    For the record, this site may be built to make fun of bad photogs, but at least the moderator had the decency to censor out the people’s names.


    I don’t think any true professionals would do any of this. People perhaps get 1 or 2 clients a week will think that they all of a sudden have some untouchable knowledge of photography and will forever be untouchable.

    People like that are the worst kind really. People who find amusement in humiliating beginners are no better than a child pulling wings of a fly. Except it’s not a child, it’s a child who’s deluded herself into thinking she’s a good photographer when she wouldn’t even qualify to enter into a pit in Fashion weeks or Media, walk backstage into a concert or in pretty much anything real photographers do.

    The funny thing is that she boasts proudly at the equipment she has and how equipment matters when the body and glass she uses does not warrant such arrogance.
    The hilarious thing is, is that Browneyegirl got into an argument on how equipment matters when she’s holding a Rebel and a cheap knock off lens.

    I think thats a little bit ironic.

    FYI, if you can’t even take a nice photo with a point and shoot and need equipment to compensate? Yeah, for you, Equipment matters.

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    So if it was to out a photographer, then why did you initially say that you had input on the lighting at all. Input isn’t execution no,  but you yourself stated that you said how you wanted things to be done with colour, etc.

    I just find this thread really bizzare and filled with a lot of backpedalling.

    Also, it’s against modelmayhem rules to not credit the photographer. Seeing as he’s your only photographer, talking smack behind his bad might not be the best thing for you.

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    That doesn’t really answer my question though? what is the point of this thread?

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    I don’t get it? You said in your OP that ‘these were done to my own specifications’ That’s why I think you kinda back pedalled a little. You initially said that you had control over the colours, lighting, for these photos and now that they are found to be the worst part of the photos, you only had input in one?

    What did you do with the smoke in the 3rd photo? To be honest, that’s what ruined the 3rd photo the most.

    What’s the point of this thread??
    If your post was to out a Fauxtographer then why did you initially say you had input in the edit?
    If your post was to get critique on certain photos then post photos up you had nothing to do with apart from the modelling?

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    To be honest, it just sounds like your back-pedalling your input just cause the results were not too great. Since you’ve clearly stated your involvement in the editing process, I don’t think you are completely innocent from this.
    Most of the edits faults were on the colours and the saturation.

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    The post processing done to these photographers overall are quite mediocre.  Though the first photo has some promise to it, every  photo fell quite flat. and as harsh it is to say, I don’t think you are even in the realm of editorial at all.

    In all photos, it’s seems like someone just discovered curves and decided to mess around with colour, saturation and lighting. The colours in all the photos contradict each other and are too dominating. Remember that colours have a pallet and they need to compliment each other.

    The first photo is probably the best one however it has quite a bit of work.

    Work on Fine Art Retouching, the first photo might look nice but you’ve softened and blurred the skin which is not how you retouch skin for editorials.
    Work on Dodge & Burn
    Might have been done on Camera, but the editing made the highlights burn.

    The second photo is probably the worst one

    Over-saturation and colour manipulation has caused the seat, table, and her elbow to grain up and loose information.
    Too much contradicting colours.
    Too many light sources – I.E the window on the left is fighting for attention, however this was more the fault of the photographer
    Photo’s not even levelled.

    This photo has redeeming qualities.

    Work on where you shoot. The stick on the right is dominating
    Whatever misty/blur thing you did in the background of this just doesn’t work. There are plenty of tutorials on MM to achieve whatever look you want to have
    Irregular skin tones kinda give me the idea that you only edited the face but neglected the hands and the thigh area.

    Anyway, if you are the one doing the editing. Don’t over saturate and don’t over do the colours. Check out MM, they have plenty of tutorials on how to do nice Colour Grading.

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    How much you charge isn’t the litmus test of what makes a fauxtographer. However a lot of people here will argue that charging small amounts of dollars actually hurts the industry.

    You have to assess to yourself now, whether you want to use your website to be a gallery or to be a portfolio. A Gallery is where you just upload photos of whatever without thoughts on anything. A Portfolio is one where you are trying to get people interested in your work for job, recognition or status.

    If it’s the latter, if it’s something that you really want to pursue. then Get rid of all the mediocre photos that you have.

    Work on lighting. Now that you have two speedlights, experiment with slaves.

    Anyway good luck. If you have any questions, let me know

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    The way you’ve composed and photographed the 3 photos are too different to be compared.

    No I don’t agree with you, I don’t think you need education.

    I would much rather Chase Jarvis shoot my wedding with a little point and shoot rather than anyone here with a 1dx.

    When a client hires you, they don’t hire you for the camera, they hire you for the person. Camera is a bonus.

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    Fun fact about being a Pro.
    If you have the portfolio, you don’t need to have all the equipment.

    Your client pays for your gear hire. For example I budgeted for 2 Carl zeiss lenses, 5d mkiii and the client payed for it all.

    Providing you are doing big client work not just little small business stuff

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    Work on your post processing. Your retouching is obvious.

    You burnt her a little.

    But yeah work on those technicals and you’ll be fine

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