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    Lol I love the hostility of this website! So many defensive people.

    In this day and age, marketing and using popular online platforms will give you an edge as a photographer. Instagram is used by many professional photographers and agencies. But I take it too many people here are perpetually frightened at the thought of showing off their photos. I sense a little bit of insecurity but sure lol.

    and if you want me to match your hostility, I’ll just say this.

    If you are a professional then you don’t care about that one photo or having rights to that one small photo. If you are successful then you couldn’t care less that one company would have some rights to a low res photo.

    and if you are honest with yourself, noone actually cares about your photos enough for them to make a fuss about it.

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    i did. to be honest I don’t really care. I take on average 16gigs of photos per week.

    They own rights to the 1080×1080 photo I give them and that’s fine.  I’m not trying to sell prints or photos.

    I sell myself as a photographer offering services and instagram does that well – especially on my other instagram. The marketing & promotion I’ve gotten from that has been phenomenal and has made everything worth it.

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    haha yeah thanks. sorry man! i don’t even know how to edit the post

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    @Jetpix. Pelican case.

    I usually have some things that I keep in my canon backpack. But I would trust a pelican case.

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    Depends on the occasion, I’d either bring a 7d or a 600d
    Go Pro 3


    70-200 2.8
    50 1.2
    35 1.4
    100mm L


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    I’ll be out on location shoot for the next 5 days. So won’t be able to help you out for a while

    Check this link out though

    <a href=””&gt; Prep To post </a>

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    A quick way to earn equipment is to hire some. and put it in your cost under gear hire.

    That was the principle of how I started getting gear.

    I bought a rebel  (baack in the day) and when i had gigs, I hired the 35mm and the 70-200. (get great results)
    Then when i bought the 35mm, the 70-200, i started hiring 7d’s (ill get even better results)
    Then when i bought the 7d and I started hiring the most beautiful glass like Zeiss Prime lenses mmmm.
    and when I bought more gear, i now play with a 5d Mkiii and i’m happy at this place for a while.

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    Umm I’m sure you can find lots of that, it’s not really a specific thing to do more just something to refine realism.

    First you have your Model Image – Image A and your Background Image – Image B

    Go to image a, Take the colour syringe tool (i dont know if this is the official name of it lol) and go to the brightest place in the image, this is called the highlights, and take a sample of the colour. Go to the colour palette and find out the balance of R, G, B. Take note.

    Do the same with the darkest place in the image, this is called the shadows, and take a sample and do the same thing.

    Now go to your image B, and bring up the curves tool or any other colouring tool pretty much and adjust accordingly. 🙂
    I’ll try and look for some tutorials for you

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    A good way for your person to not stick out and look out of place is for you to make sure she has the right colour.   Find out what colour the highlights and shadows are in the background and adjust it accordingly.  Dropping the blue highlights would produce a closer effect 🙂

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    The top-notch wedding photography company that I was hired as a second shooter for this fall was extremely happy with my work and gave me a large bonus. He’s one of the most accredited studios in the midwest. I wouldn’t say I’m a mediocre photographer and neither did he obviously.

    Lol! Second photographer. Man you must be sooo proud of yourself 🙂

    So, enjoy yourself being condescending a$$

    Again. Another Classic from the girl who is the embodiment of condescension. You are right though, bullying people who are beneath you is alot of fun. I can really see why you like to pick on people who are not as talented and below you.  I just feel really empowered to know I can prey on the weak to make myself feel secure.

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    yeah its great! These photos are adorable especially the one with the different fur.

    Yeah that time the blanket really added to the photo because of the cute head scarf.

    You have a good sense to not detract from the photo but to add to it.

    I think though, as a baby photographer, things like background, fabric and props will be a good spend for the future.

    Good job!

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    Hi! It seems as though you have an eye of how you want to shoot

    There is really one thing that I’ll comment on,

    what makes your second photo soo powerful is that what the baby is the background the baby is lying on. It’s just such a fascinating image because its not just a photo of a baby but, in it’s own right, it’s a fantastic photo. However the 3rd photo on the brown carpet kinda fell short because what the baby is on doesn’t really add to the photo.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    You’re only being offensive because you’re probably missing something in life.

    That’s rich! Also Ironic! Thanks! I’ve had my good chuckle for the day.

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    Also…you are judging me for having a discussion about photographs that I own the rights to…whereas you posted images of your clients on here I’m sure without their knowledge…wedding photos, personal and intimate photographs on a site ‘like this’. I didn’t know exactly how harsh and negative it was here that being said I didn’t care. The photos are mine to do with what I please, so you are being a bit hypocritical.


    Actually I have a strict contract that allows me to do whatever I want to those particular photos. My clients are completely content and happy for me to do whatever I want with those photographs and no, that is not what being hypocritical is. Stop being so upset and just lashing out.

    I didn’t judge you for posting photos up. I questioned you on suspicion of outing a photographer out. The very purpose of this subforum.

    Man stop acting like a victim

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    Unless you shoot landscapes or still life and exhibit photographs, clients are essential to your business. Unless you do it solely for the sake of art…the client is what defines you. Without clients…you aren’t anything. For instance, say the photographer says that the model is responsible for a bad shot…who else is going to model for them.

    Lol Wrong.You already contradicted yourself in your own definition. You’ve already put prerequisites on an already flawed definition. Your client does not make you a photographer. You even said so in your own definition!

    Understanding clients is what makes you a successful photographer, but saying that having or working with clients is the litmus test of what makes a photographer? no false.

    You have little to do with photography and here you are trying to box us into a definition? That’s funny! No biggy. If that’s the case then I just had a $10,000 client. Will you listen to my opinions now?


    You said initially that you said how the editing had to be done. That’s literally what you said. Therefore we judged on the editing. and now you are peeved that we judged you on editing? What did you want to be judged on?? What exactly are you upset about?

    Your metaphor doesn’t even make sense because it has nothing to do with the situation here. You’ve clearly just tried to staple some problem you think I have to your own insecurities cause you didn’t get the opinion you wanted.

    I critique based on photography and editing on the 3 photos you put on a photography based forum saying how you had input in the editing process of it and you fault me cause of it?

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