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    Yes, that’s true only if you use Photoshop and nothing else. Even adding Lightroom would still be less cost as many photographers use both. But if you want to use Flash, Dreamweaver, or Fireworks for your web site, InDesign instead of Word, Publisher, etc. for marketing materials, those costs can easily add up on an individual basis.

    I was not aware that it was their entire line of products for 50$ a month … that does change the dynamic quite a bit.

    Ps.: Flash is dead … long live JavaScript.

    But seriously, Flash doesn;t work on tablets and smartphones and tablet sales will surpass laptop sales this year so if you are designing your website with flash in it … you are doing it wrong.


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    You may be aware of this, but Adobe’s Creative Cloud is $50/month for as long as you want it and you’ll always get access to the latest versions of Photoshop without upgrade costs. If you’re using any amount of Adobe software, it may be a worthwhile investment. You may even get a $30/month for a year promotional offer like I did.

    50$/month  = 600$ a year.

    Photoshop retail is 725$ but can be good for at least 3 years so 725$ / 3 years = 240$/Year.

    So 3 year of retail  = 725$ vs 3 years of Cloud = 1800$.

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    The lighting in the test shots is very flat. There’s nothing TECHNICALLY wrong with flat lighting other than the fact that it’s un-interesting. Instead of blasting all the shadows away, try to use shadows (rembrandt, loupe, butterfly …).

    While there is nothing wrong with that type of shot, you DID place your subject too close to the wall … notice the shadows on the wall on the first image.

    Back to light setups … it will depend on what type of shot you are trying to do of course so I’ll start with the pure white background, highkey type shot.

    For this type of shot, you’ll want to use your 2 softboxes AND your speedlight.

    Aim your two softboxes at the wall (one softbox on each side of the subject) and set your exposure to OVER expose that shot until you clip your highlights … this will make the background pure white. Then use your speedlight to fill in your subject. You’ll need to have your subject OUTSIDE the area lit by the softboxes (so closer to you than the softboxes themselves as you don;t want any of that light directly on your subject.

    Another type of shot would be one main light and a kicker.

    Something like this:

    Notice the main light coming in from the front right of the subject and the light hitting her arm from the left of the frame?

    There are a tons of other types of shots you could do. You also don;t HAVE to use 2 lights …

    This was shot with one 85W (300W equivalent) CFL bulb and a reflector set as a diffusion panel:

    demo shot:

    setup shot:

    You could do something similar with your softbox.

    Good luck and have fun experimenting.

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    What steps can I take towards a career in photography?

    Business and marketing classes … 80% of a freelance photographers work has NOTHING to do wit photography. It’s all about getting clients, managing a business.

    If you hit the ground with a strong foundation in business/marketing, you’ll be putting the odds in your favor.

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    “Wanna bet her business isn’t even legitimate at all? Maybe she should be reported to whomever deals with taxes in Canada (again, I have no idea about it since I’m in the US).”

    In the province of Quebec, for example, you don’t have to collect or remit sales taxes if your business will be making less than 30,000$ in sales.  I’m not sure about the province of Ontario. Hopefully she’s declaring her revenue as personal income tax but there’s no way to check for that.

    “The cowboy hat photo could have been done better on my cell phone.”

    Yeah … that’s a really bad shot.

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    in reply to: Will someone please go tell this woman she is a fauxtog? #5159

    And besides it is NOT slander if it’s the truth!


    with that being said I had the Opp call and talk to me About Ashley and Told me to keep my mouth shut or I could be charge with Slander and such


    In Canada, the Truth isn’t a protection against slander like it is in the states but you wouldn’t be getting a call from the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) about slander as it’s a purely civil matter and not a criminal one. I also seriosuly doubt it was an actual OPP officer since this is all in print and as such is actually libel.

    Slander is the type of defamation with no permanent record. Since this is all written down on the inter webs, it’s sort of permanent. So, seeing how this “OPP” officer didn’t know the difference between Libel and Slander …

    ps.: I’m not a lawyer.

    Oh and yeah, the BBB is a toothless tiger. I’ve reported to the BBB a company for claiming to be accredited by the BBB while they are Not and nothings happened. If the BBB can’t even stop people from using their logo then there isn’t much they can do for anyone else.

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    It doesn’t bug me, it just makes me realize that I need to step up my marketing. It also helps prove that there IS a market for photography if people are willing to pay for some of the crap we see on this site.

    By the way, I looked at your site (nice pics from the little I saw, didn’t spend much time there) … you want to get rid of your hero banner / slideshow flash wrapper. Tablets and Smartphones are becoming the defacto surfing device for many people and both IOs and Android don;t support flash (Adobe dropped Android support a couple of months ago). This means that your are not reaching a large range of potential viewers.

    You can do the same thing in JavaScript.


    This one is the closest to the slideshow you used:


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    For crying out loud … instead of learning from this she’s just giving up … while some of the criticism on here was harsh, there was still plenty of important information that she should have learnt from …

    People getting into this business need to learn to take, accept and learn from criticism.

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    ok someone is changing their name because..messages arent adding up with replying back to someone lol

    blueeyegirl- yes she was advertising sessions with that photographers images on the templates..someone must have said something because the image is gone plus the ads lol i won’t mention the name now that she dealt with the big issue 

    I tracked down the photographers and let them know. As a photographer myself, I have absolutely no patience or pity for thieves.

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    You Guys call your Self Pros,….But your all siting an a computer complaining about others who are learning from the bottom  up the same as everyone else did. We call learn Differently, some of us hit bottom before we realize it.  But for you to Sit and bitch and complaine about others and there work Makes me sick and you call yourselves Pro I don’t think so. Further more if they aren’t even in the same country as you why does it matter who does and doesn’t like there work, pretty said you dont like to see people happy.

    Anna, the point is that you shouldn’t be learning from the ground up on a paying clients dime. That road leads to lawsuits.

    Do you think that a judge will be very lenient when you tell him the pictures you took weren’t great but, hey! you’re just starting? Couple that with using other photographers work in your advertising and you’ll find yourself in deep trouble.

    On the same vein, you should have at least a basic grounding in the laws that surround your business. Not using OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS WORK in advertising YOUR OWN SERVICES is a basic business concept and a violation that could result in you not only losing your business but losing your home as each violation of copyright can result in penalties of 150,000$ in the US. On top of that, using other people’s work is ethically wrong and could be construed as false advertising.

    Your logic would be like me opening a garage and learning how to be a mechanic while repairing paying clients cars … it;s not how business works. Get a grounding in the basics of your industry before you start charging.

    Or don’t listen to us and do like 95% of all photography “businesses” and crash in burn in a year or two.

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    This template is intended for use by professional photographers. Sharing, reselling, or using any part of the template’s design aside from its intended use is not allowed. Please do not claim the design as your own; by purchasing this template you agree to comply with these terms.

    The beautiful photos are courtesy Blue Lily Photo | *Sample photos are for display only and are not included.

    Actually it seems like she IS infringing on the photographers copyright! She apparently didn’t bother reading the template usage liscence. See above.


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    “While my computer was getting a new HDD put in, I saved a bunch of recent stuff to a flash drive, but it took FOREVER to write to it… is that normal?”

    Yeah, the cheaper flash drives are supre slow and flash drives in general aren;t too fast but for long term storage it doesn’t matter. We’re talking disaster recover here, not everyday usage.

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    Actually, looks like she is using design templates for her adverts … it’s still not very ethical to use other photographers work on those but it’s possible she didn;t teal the images but is using stock instead.





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    “there is an ad on her page that she used photos that are clearly NOT a little ticked right now about that..i wish i knew who took them and i could tell might be stock photos though..”

    One of the ads, is stolen straight from another photographers website.

    And yes, some of the pictures on the other older add are taken from another site as well:

    I’ve reported her to both photographers …

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