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    Charlie asked her only because I wouldn’t talk to her. She was a nasty bitch last year and I personally didn’t want them to come or return but we needed/wanted a 3rd vendor. Charlie is actually my bestfriend of 20 years. As for the turn out that was because of another event that popped up at Mc Daniel the day before and fucked us

    The racist comment didn’t come from anything he just said, it came from him e-mailing my friend and calling his girlfriend a “half-breed”. As a COMPLETELY WHITE-PASSING biracial person, he has no idea what racism is like but he likes to use such words so he can seem cool. How unprofessional.


    ” Jude – Oh wait my gf told me you make racist posts… Never mind. That’s why she defriended you in under five minutes.

    CrazyJow – yes I do make racist posts quite often. haha benefit of being a half breed myself like your gf is”

    So yeaaahhh I guess i kinda did do something like that, what can I say. Oppppppppsssss hahaha


    As for my friend stuttering – I didn’t notice that, but maybe he did. I have no idea. There was a band playing very loudly and maybe he didn’t hear you. But he did come up and talk to you right after and ask you a question. I know that for a fact, so he wasn’t avoiding you. But I guarantee you that you didn’t ask him anything about his girlfriend and whether or not she talked to him.

    Actually I did….


    And you still haven’t really responded to the fact that it’s completely unprofessional to ask somebody’s girlfriend to ask their boyfriend not to take photos and to restrict photos at a public event to begin with is a bit silly. You have no legal right.


    I only asked her because I didn’t know who he was honestly. As for the public event legal stuff. Sue me…He’s lucky I didn’t grab him and throw into 140 like my buddies had talked about. It wasn’t just myself that didn’t want him there. It was also my 2 friends who I run this with. Last year we could smell him from across the parking lot. This year it wasn’t that bad but close enough.

    As for the photos I busted those quick anyways and just played around for fun with them. Like I said to your friend Jude, Joehomeowner. You know how to contact me and I know for the most part what you look like now.

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    I never said I didn’t like them 😉 Just un-block me so we can talk and quit running to the internet and whining, come to me and say it to my face.  Quit hiding behind something or someone else. The racist comment came from when I posted something about how watermelon is to blacks as tacos are to spanish people. So he said I was racist against Spanish people and black people. I’m half Spanish myself. Oh I’m not surprised the grammar thing came out and could really care less about that. Like I said to Jude several times. Quit acting like a bitch. I came up to you and tried to talk to you in person but you said 2 words. I tried to setup something to get some beers and talk this over. Lets do this like men. I’ll even buy the first round of beers. I’d just rather talk to a person face to face instead of spouting off on the internet and continually hiding behind my friends that’s all. If you’ve got such a huge issue with me say something to my face not behind my back. Only “bitches” (thanks Seth for clearing that up 😉 ) run their mouths behind someones back when they have the chance to do it to that persons face and turn it down.

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    “He has now banned my friend from being a vendor at the event because her boyfriend was one of the photographers he was threatened by. Someone also made fun of him, and he’s now threatening “legal action” against people for “harassment”. Literally, the comment made by someone was that they knew actual professional photographers who could show up to the event to capture it. This guy is like the meat of the people that come here to defend themselves – threatening to sue because somebody said mean things about their photos on the internet.


    So first off, he spent last years event trying to get in my friend’s way because he felt threatened by his better equipment. This guy was using a Rebel with a kit lens and a pop-up flash and my friend had a mid-consumer Nikon (5000 or 5100) with him that day, but a better lens and an SB-700. So that guy spent all of last year being mad at my friend, whose girlfriend was a vendor there. Oh yeah, and my friend? He got them their band last year AND this year (same band) and one of their vendors (which there were only two last year and three this year). So he’s a good guy, helped the event out and all, and then this guy is mad because he’s taking photos. The event goes by fine and my friend posts his photos to the page, just like every other person that was there – they are deleted. My friend posts them again, thinking FB had an error… Deleted. Third time… Deleted. And my friend was blocked from posting on the page.


    Fast forward to this year and this “professional” writes a letter to my friend’s GIRLFRIEND – the girl who is vending at the event – and asks her to make sure my friend wasn’t “in the photographer’s way” because “he’s the official photographer of the event” and then rambles about how he didn’t get any good photos because my friend was there (instead of him not getting any because he sucks – just look at his page “The Digital Lightbox” – he posts out of focus and overexposed/underexposed stuff daily). My friend, trying to be professional about it both because he does make some money via photography, and because his girlfriend was selling stuff at the event, didn’t say a word about it to this guy or to anybody.

    Fast forward to Friday – night before the event – and this “official photographer” sends a message through FB to my friend telling him to leave his camera at home because he’s not welcome there with his stuff. My friend, pretty much having being the official photographer for the band that was playing, does not leave his stuff at home. During the event, the guy comes up to him and says, “ARE YOU WITH THE BAND? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING HERE? I’M THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER.”

    That’s just funny, right?! So my friend says to this guy, “Do you ask that of everybody with a DSLR? I see lots of people here with cameras.”

    The guy says “Well you have really nice stuff, so I figure you must be with the band or something. I’m the official photographer for the event.”

    My friend laughs and goes back to shooting the band. He posted about it on Facebook via his iPhone or whatever and everybody was getting a good laugh about it. Somebody decided to go post on the event’s official page and poke fun at him…

    Now he’s banned the girl from vending, keeps messaging my friend’s friends, and is threatening “legal action” all because a girl said “I know some professional photographers if you need one for your event.”

    Crazy people out there!”


    Since only maybe 25% of this is true and if need be i post screen shots as well.


    Friday I wasn’t even on the computer because I was in Fredericksburg, VA at a event and didn’t get home til 3 am and then left VA at 9am and didnt arrive till 1130ish in Maryland. So that part isn’t true.


    “ARE YOU WITH THE BAND? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING HERE? I’M THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER.” This part isn’t true at all as well. I said this exactly

    Me -“Hey dude, did you gf talk to you?

    Jude “stutters” yes

    Me – Okay stay on that side

    Jude – “okay


    Last years photos I didn’t even touch I wasn’t an admin on the walk page at that time so that was probably my best friend who did that. He probably didn’t like them.


    Yes I did tell his gf that and yes I did tell them not to come back. We weren’t going to have them this year but we needed a 3rd vendor.


    The rest I should probably just be quiet on honestly. This will be my last post on this subject as well. Like I said Joehomeowner tell your buddy Jude to quit being a stinky little punk bitch and running to the internet and having all his friends do the same. I’m right here I was right there Saturday, Jude has my number even my address. I’m willing to even meet him and talk nothing more than that. Stop acting worse than my 3 and 5 year old do when things don’t go their way and they don’t get what they want. Un-block me from Facebook

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    As for the guy setting with the speedlites and stuff no he didn’t have permissions from event staff because there are 3 people on the event staff, myself, and both of my friends. We run that event. So check your facts on that one as well before you comment.

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    Hey Joehomeowner that’s because your friend Jude is a little bitch honestly. He likes to talk shit and then has his friends talk shit but when I confront him in person at the event, he stutters and runs off and then tries to act tough on the internet instead of being a man and talking to me in person. Tell him to take a shower and quit whining. I run the event. I am the organizer of the event. I know who you are now though. So no more worries about that one. Next time you guys decide to message the page during the event about me “harassing you” don’t get so butt hurt when we laugh at you and call you out again on it. You running right back to here yet again just only proves my point that yourself and Jude are whiney little bitch’s who can’t say something to my face when I confront you in person but instead need to run off to the internet to do. Seriously dude tell him to be a man. I even offered to give him my personal number and meet and talk about this like men no fighting or anything just talk but instead he just continued to bitch and whine and bitch and whine, call me a racist (I’m bi-racial) and all types of other stuff then finally block me. So again here is me extending an offer of talking to “Thaddeus Troublé Jude I” the little bitch that couldn’t. Next time Joehomeowner tell your friend to say more than 2 words and not to shake and stutter it doesn’t look good 🙂

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    Sooo….yeah here I am. The owner of The Digital Lightbox. The same guy who is apparently a faux?

    Couple things first off.

    1st I’m glad that I had to come to some random photography site in order to see this.

    2nd if you don’t like my work that’s your business and yours alone. I have count less amount of people who like the work I do and who also keep hiring me. So with that being said. There will always be haters out there.

    As for “Joehomeowner” Thanks for the lovely comments there buddy. I find it funny that of all the people I’ve ever photographed or people who’ve seen my work, you’re the only one who’s has ever said anything remotely like that. As for the shot of myself that wasn’t taken by me just to let you know. That was done by someone else at an event I was working at which there are literally hundreds of photos from and you choose call out the one I didn’t even take congrats there buddy! You win that award! But, I still love the photograph a lot myself but that’s my opinion. Honestly think what you want about what the few photos you posted. Which I noticed are only 3. 2 of which are of my daughter O.o which I did not edit at all. Maybe I should of thrown them in photoshop and doctored them all up to the point there was no longer a real image but some random CS6 crap? Maybe you might of liked it more. Any ways you apparently know how to contact me so I’ll leave it at that. I’d love to hear from you and find out who really are. As for my American Head Charge photos I’m not going to sit here and explain everything with that show that could of possibly gone wrong with lighting that did. No need to get into that one.


    But with that being said. I’m just leave this here and walk away. I said what I’ve needed to say. Joehomeowner contact me I’d love to hear from you, you know how to get in touch with me.

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