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    Ok I understand that, I have a internal motor in my D70 and the quality shouldn’t be too big of a problem as the glass quality is apparently very nice. I am very cautious with my lenses since I know I cant afford to replace them, so I think the 50mm AF will do very nicely for me!

    Thanks for your suggestions, I feel better having those questions answered for sure!

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    Hey Cassie

    I actually found a Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8 and it has an aperture ring so I believe it is a D lense. Correct me if I am wrong but from my understanding the D70 wants me to set the Aperture to the highest setting on the ring, lock it in and then adjust it from the rear wheel on the Camera. So it should shoot from either lense with the same results. It is much cheaper than the AF-S and since they are on such a tight budget I will just quote them on the AF not the AF-S (difference of over $100).

    As far as I can tell it will work with my camera beautifully, minus the 1.5x crop factor?

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    To CameraClicker:

    Sorry for the delayed response! I have been talking over the advice I have received here with my friends and they will not be renting equipment. They did say they would buy me the 50mm lense that you suggested however! I have done as much research as I know how on the lense and it looks like the most viable option for getting them quality without breaking the budget they have! They said the budget of the whole wedding was $2,000 so this should be an affordable compromise.

    Ok again some helpful and informative tips on how to select my background, I really like the change that you made by blurring out the background! It definitely helps, I see what you meant by a lack of catch lights in the eyes now. I was told by my friend who has been doing photography for a long time that I should almost never edit a photo in post, but I figured out how to add the catch lights in lightroom, is there a taboo I am breaking by doing this?

    Oh the other Untitled, good thing there were only two. It was purposely played with, we were having fun and I wanted to see what changing setting would do to my camera in the Direct Sun, I wanted the highlights on her skin and I got them ok, it was the same day as the one photo you blurred the background for me. If I brighten it up any it is to grainy, so I left it.

    I looked around and I will just keep the Nikon D70 and upgrade my lenses Starting with the AF-S 50mm that you recommended, I am very excited about learning that lense!

    Well shucks, I thought the mould meant the lense had aged properly! No but really I will check for mould now, I didn’t know that was even an issue!

    To Nesgran:

    Thanks, I am definitely daunted by this task and I wanted to make sure I was at least competent for them. I am definitely checking into the 35mm lense you talked about, and as for getting them to foot the lense they offered to get me the 50mm as it will give them better photo’s and it will compensate me for my time. As for the shooting wide, I am always afraid with my older camera I may not have the Megapixels for quality when I want to crop the image so I have developed a habit of shooting close. I will experiment with the wider angles though!

    Thanks for the input again, I am excited to try shooting and feel alot better about doing this for them now!





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    Apparently I don’t know how to edit a previous posting. I went through and made the changes you suggested. Thank you for your input.

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    Wow, thanks alot! That was a lot more consideration than I was expecting so again, thanks. I will put foreword the possibility of renting the professional equipment, but then we have the problem of me not being familiar with it. The only reason I am still considering doing this is because they have told me if I do not do it then they will just get disposable camera’s and let the guests take the photos. I know my work is juvenile ┬ábut I think it’s better than what they would get if they did that?

    Ok so I need to work on the posing of my subjects is what I am understanding from the first one. The background is what they wanted, but what is the detractor that you are seeing?

    I have an external flash that I am using, again it is manual and so I am obviously not getting the lighting I need. Ok so find new backgrounds, I will do that.

    The Sum Melon photo was pretty much an accident, I was shooting a plane flying really low overhead and I was lowering my camera and saw her having trouble and making a mess with the watermelon, so I snapped a quick photo. I really wish the tilt hadn’t of been so severe.

    Wind Surfing was taken on a boat going 25mph with that manual Mirror lense, I wanted it straighter but I try not to edit to much in post. I’m trying to force myself to get it better the first time, but I like your suggestion and will make the changes again.

    The Jones is suffering from an effect I could never put a name to, so thanks for pointing it out! I will attempt to correct this with my Photoshop.

    I am glad I have at least one decent photo to work with. I took that with that manual zoom lense as well, it was at a College Scrimmage game so that is why there are no numbers. It is a friend of mine though so I know the number, I could always put his number on him and make it “pop” with some selective coloring. (This was a joke.) I will perform this crop you suggested.

    Untitled was a photo for a friend who wanted it so he could have a computer background, I think the photo could be great without those dead limbs, or the building, maybe just the moon…. I’m being facetious of course.

    Gaze is a personal photo. The Woman in the photo had just lost her father and they used to spend a lot of time on that lake together. I will try to level it.

    The planes and fish are just ones I had fun with, obviously my 4mp olympus and canon were a bit dated and low quality at the time. But I like them because they were fun and I’m not trying to sell a client with them.

    Thank you for the time you took to address my photo’s. Obviously I have a lot of room to grow, I would ask if I was to buy equipment first should I invest in a better body or lenses first? When I get on my feet again I would like to get very serious with Photography.

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