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    Honestly Brown, the only one I like the tilt on is the one of the basketball. The others make me tilt my head to orient myself. Oh and your one link you talk about the fire truck seems to be the same link as the orange hat dude. ūüôā



    Try this: for the next month or so, each time you tilt a composition also shoot it straight. Put the shots next to each other and compare; even submit to some friends. ¬†See which of the two photos evoke the “correct” emotion. See which one your subjects prefer.

    Remember that the Dutch angle technique was originally used to create tension or uneasiness in the viewer. Is that feeling you want people to get from your shots?

    John Suler is an expert in the field of photo psychology. Here is what he has to say about Dutch Angles:

    Because we don’t normally perceive the horizontal plane of our environment as slanted even when we pitch our heads sideways, a tilted camera angle tends to create unique sensations of energy, disorientation, imbalance, transition, danger, unsettledness, instability, tension, nervousness, alienation, confusion, drunkenness, madness, or violence. For this reason it’s a highly subjective type of camera angle that encourages us to experience these sensations along with the subjects in the photo, especially if the subjects present other visual cues that confirm these states of mind. If not, then we, the viewer, might be the container for these emotions rather than the subject. So, for example, if the image is slanted heavily and the subject appears disheveled, then both we and the subject experience that state of disarray. But if the subject looks perfectly calm, then we, the viewer, feel confused while looking out onto a seemingly tranquil scene and subject.

    Just some things to think about.


    I’m really upset, it looks like she deleted her page! I wanna see these pictures you guys are talking about!


    I do find that psychologist’s analysis of dutch angles interesting. I never thought of it as creating uneasiness or duress like she explained, in contrast, I always thought it seemed to make an image more dynamic and imply motion. But I can see that. Just the other night after reading that post, I happened to be watching an 80’s movie that had a theme of infidelity- and in one scene the husband was in the bedroom consoling his alcoholic wife as she lay in bed going through liquor withdrawal symptomsand they had a constant and almost dizzying use of dutch angle on film. It fit the mood of the scene well. Myabe the reason I feel it does not create uneasiness in my images is because the people are typically smiling. One thing I learned in college photography and art courses was that angled lines tend to draw the eyes inward to the subject which is also a reason I’ve used tilt.

    Ashley probably just made her page private. She was also kidding about selling her camera, she was trying to get attention with that post.


    Have any of you gotten a phone call yet? ¬†with that being said I had the Opp call and talk to me About Ashley and Told me to keep my mouth shut or I could be charge with Slander and such…..Oh and that The better Buisness Bearou was being contacted..I think thats how you spell it,,,anywho just giving you a heads up!


    “Have any of you gotten a phone call yet?¬† with that being said I had the Opp call and talk to me About Ashley and Told me to keep my mouth shut or I could be charge with Slander and such‚Ķ..Oh and that The better Buisness Bearou was being contacted..I think thats how you spell it,,,anywho just giving you a heads up!”

    Well, we should be contacting the BBB and telling them there are a whole bunch of fauxtographers taking people’s hard earned money with¬†insulting portraits of them!!!¬† And besides it is¬†NOT slander if it’s¬†the truth!


    Vanmira, that last image is pretty bad, but when I glanced at her page, the images I saw (literally, just glanced, didn’t look through the albums) the images looked much nicer. If she had that one terrible image she should have not posted it on her portfolio, it’s a horrible example and should have been immediately trashed.

    @Anna- Wait, what? The OP contacted you? Why? Ashley has no way to have you charged with slander. She’d have to prove that you said something that caused her business to lose clients. The only thing that would cause that to happen in people realizing her work is bad. Lol she’s not contacting the BBB. She sounds like she’s desperately trying to scare people. She’s not very smart and neither are her friends.


    The BBB can’t do anything anyways. For example, a business can send the BBB some cash and you can have an A+ rating. Its all eye-wash.


    nope haven’t sold me on the Dutch angle photos, I’ve done one by accident (quick snap of my daughter) it’s the only one I’ve ever taken which I like. Happy to post link if you want to see it but its certainly no masterpiece!


    I love dutch angles, when they are properly done.¬† Like the one browneyedgirl did of the firetruck… that is a perfect example.¬† The dutch angle improved that shot.


    Yet another reason to keep your business hidden.


    That kind of harassment is designed to chill speech. If the OP does actually follow through with any threats by making false statements, that could land them on the receiving end of a libel suit.

    In other words, don’t worry about their spouting.


    See I think the reason the Dutch angle worked more in that shot was because you can’t see the horizon as much, I still want to reach into the screen and stop them falling. I get that falling feeling even more because they are standing in the door, I want to yell out ‘hold on’ LOL! It’s a nice image none the less.


    And besides it is NOT slander if it’s the truth!


    with that being said I had the Opp call and talk to me About Ashley and Told me to keep my mouth shut or I could be charge with Slander and such


    In Canada, the Truth isn’t a protection against slander like it is in the states but you wouldn’t be getting a call from the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) about slander as it’s a purely civil matter and not a criminal one. I also seriosuly doubt it was an actual OPP officer since this is all in print and as such is actually libel.

    Slander is the type of defamation with no permanent record.¬†Since this is all written down on the¬†inter webs, it’s sort of¬†permanent. So, seeing how this “OPP” officer didn’t know the difference between Libel and Slander …

    ps.: I’m not a lawyer.

    Oh and yeah, the BBB is a toothless tiger. I’ve reported to the BBB a company for claiming to be¬†accredited¬†by the BBB while they are Not and nothings¬†happened. If the BBB can’t even stop people from using their logo then there isn’t much they can do for anyone else.

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