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    I don’t see a lot of these having more success, some of them were begging people via their FB page to do photo shoots. Puzzle Piece does have some very good work, but some really shoddy mixed in, maybe it’s earlier stuff, I don’t know.

    Personally, I feel I can give a lot of good advice. I’m not the perfect photographer but I did take 3 college courses in photography so I started with the basics and have built my knowledge on that. I’ve worked for a pro also who was a great mentor. I’m always learning more, I do not carry the attitude that I’m so good I don’t need to improve. I’ve taken a lot of the advice from here into consideration as well. In the past several years I’ve taught a beginner photography workshop for a 4-H event, and this year plan to do so again, and also do an intermediate course for people who own a DSLR but haven’t yet learned how to shoot in manual.


    I posted my work here. I got told what’s up and what’s wrong with my work. It’s like on the 2nd or third page. I have some truly terrifying ones from when I first started school, I know that. My problem is where photographers find this sweet spot of mediocrity ( or if they are lucky bad) and finding the perfect amount people will pay for it. they just sort of say “good enough” and that’s all there is. Puzzle piece has decent outdoor shots, his/her indoor shots are pretty bad, white balance wonky, weird shadows, so on. But again even I had some mad trouble with indoor natural light sort of shots. Check out my water conceptual album, and that was done with hot lights haha, it’s terrible haha.


    anyway I’ll post mine again, to show “I aint skerd” but really I know my faults. I work mostly for trade with a make-up artist and by word of mouth. Once I graduate and move out of alaska, I plan to work towards a proper business. http://www.facebook.com/JessicaBishopPhotography   😀


    Found this gem: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375370139172323&set=pb.174738102568862.-2207520000.1353987535&type=3&theater

    This is probably the scariest newborn photo I’ve ever laid eyes on. I think this girl actually has a talent for taking fugly photos that few other people have.

    reality check

    lol puzzle piece photography isn’t a successful photography business.  Nor is she trying to learn.  how many are those photos are paid shoots?  to me it looks like friends and fam, and maybe a handful of friends of friends thrown in.  I don’t think anyone here is jealous of a person that’s into Facebook like ladders and “like me, and I’ll like you back” and “like this status and I’ll share your page”.  ect ect Come on!  Get real.

    It’s just someone into pretending to be a photographer, trying to get attention that they need, that’s been at it for awhile, and is good at paying people back for likes and such, or maybe shes even bought a few.  shes been snowing some people, including herself, but shes far from successful.  i bet she barely breaks even, and it will continue on this way until she gets board of it, because photography obviously isnt her thing.  Sure , she has a few legit comments/posts from actual people and/or clients.  So does every other fauxtog out there.  Not bitter at all, just not easily impressed or easily taken

    reality check

    But hey, with that said, I do think its pretty petty to sit here and post links and poke fun, just for the entertainment.  I mean, none of the togs in this thread are any kind of threat to anyone.  Sure if they were to post asking the question, then by all means wake them up, because that means they most likely actually care about their photography and aren’t in it just for attention, or whatever high is involved with pretending to be something your not.  A good wake up call, and some solid advice and input, and maybe itll actually improve their photography.

    This kind of behavior just makes you look desperate , angry and mean.  Leave that to YANAP 😉


    It’s a bit validating on a personal level that we are not THAT bad and we care about our work. And, the advice from fellow togs is nice too. Yeah I see a lot of that crap like “like my page and I’ll like yours.” My page has likes from a lot of family/friends but also clients and their friends who have seen the images. I ask a simple caption on my albums- “If you like this image, please like my page.”

    @ lolkat- that poor infant obviously has a serious eye infection!


    Ugh, nice- after I posted on this girl’s page that she should invest in real cameras and lenses and take some courses and told her I could give some advice, this is the message I received!

    >Ashley Ann Adey

    I have been doing it for years…and the only reason that chick had ride comments was because she was put up to it….but that doesnt matter….I have taken.course and dont like them…i dont want my style of taking photos change…i ike and love doing it and theres always going to be an ass out there


    Point proven.


    Wow, that cat photo is awesome. It’s like the kid has on a tuxedo… and a big cat head goiter!


    I think it’s hilariously funny-bad-good. I won’t damn any image portraying a happy cat.



    this is a response when i try to help a local “photographer”

    “Yeah I mean I don’t like run my business based on how Facebook makes them look, so I don’t bother. my clients get prints or photo cds and their fine”

    there is an ad on her page that she used photos that are clearly NOT hers..im a little ticked right now about that..i wish i knew who took them and i could tell them..it might be stock photos though..


    This girl’s “photography”….  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Priscilla-Isaac-Photography/197990960268403

    Every once in a while there will be a decent picture but most of the photos are just SO cheesy and try hard. Plus, all of her photos are mixed together. Is it so hard to sort them out in different folders? And I can’t find it but there was a comment on one old album asking what camera she shoots with. She replied with “Some were taken with a Nikon and others with a digital camera.” Come on! You don’t even know what you are shooting with and what you should be shooting with.


    Honestly, Priscilla has some very nice work. I think she has a knack for posing her models well. A little too much dutch angle but I do it it too (and am going to try to do it less after realizing how it can be too much at times). Almost every photo I saw of hers was sharp and in focus. Most are exposed well, some could stand some better exposure and/or upping the center exposure in post processing. A few looked over-edited and a few others looked like they could have used better editing. But she is in no way a fauxtog. She’s better than a lot of the people posting on this thread. I saw a few wedding photos though that didn’t stand out as that good, but she seems to do a lot more model photography than anything else. Her studio work looks nice though with the white background she should have kept the angle straight or it looks like they’re floating oddly in space, and a few have harsh shadows behind them, but they are really not terrible. Possibly she misunderstood or mistyped her response to the camera question, because from her work, it looks like she knows and understands her equipment just fine. And yeah, her album organization is really lacking, but that doesn’t really reflect on her talent in photography at all. We can all get nitpicky with any photographer but her stuff isn’t bad.


    I agree with browneyedgirl89. Priscilla has some bad shots but also some good and she has the potential to produce solid work.

    Ashley Adey, on the other hand, is a consistent train wreck. Yeah, it is tricky. I live in Australia and am not a professional photographer anyway, so she is no threat to me on any imaginable level apart from the rather intangible threat she presents to the overall image of photography. At the same time, there is a perverse fascination in looking at her images and trying to work out how she got some of them so wrong. Clearly on-camera flash and auto setting are a big part of the problem, but there is no excuse whatsoever for out of focus portraits and red eye in ‘professional shots’. She has no apparent knowledge of basic editing, such as cropping or spot removal. The harsh lighting and shadows are dreadful. The funny thing is that some of her early shots (taken outside) were better. The worst thing she did was move inside, but her apparent refusal to look critically at her work and learn from it is a big mistake.

    Ashley also seems to have a really alarming effect on children, who often seem scared or confused around her. This could be explained by the number of shots of babies playing with live electrical wires. I commented on one of her photos about the dangers of this and she deleted the comment. I commented on the big bubble of saliva that made one baby photo quite grotesque, but she protested saying it made it look like a normal baby (shouldn’t all portraits of babies look like ‘normal’ babies, or am I simply displaying my dislike of Anne Geddes?). I asked what another photo was, as I genuinely didn’t know. She replied ‘catapillar’. I have to confess that her inability to spell does negate my view of her, but that is my own thing. The fact that her ‘catapillar’ was badly out of focus and the ‘after’ processing shot was significantly worse than the ‘before’ processing shot has not helped my view either.

    The thing is, though, that Ashley’s clients actually seem to like what she does. Sure, they are probably all friends and family and she is probably not building immense personal wealth with her business, but they do seem happy with the outcomes – the word ‘awesome’ gets used a lot – so who are we to argue?


    “there is an ad on her page that she used photos that are clearly NOT hers..im a little ticked right now about that..i wish i knew who took them and i could tell them..it might be stock photos though..”

    One of the ads, is stolen straight from another photographers website.


    And yes, some of the pictures on the other older add are taken from another site as well:


    I’ve reported her to both photographers …


    Actually, looks like she is using design templates for her adverts … it’s still not very ethical to use other photographers work on those but it’s possible she didn;t teal the images but is using stock instead.





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