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    Not to be sexist but it seems the majority of the disasters that pop up on this site seems to be taken by women “photographers”. Does anyone have a good idea why? Things I can imagine is the state of affairs in the US where many women don’t have a full time job and decides to earn some extra money and to beat boredom. Is it that simple? I genuinely don’t believe women have any kind of disadvantage when it comes to actually taking excellent photos but it seems many do it for the wrong reasons. Then on the other hand you have good photographers who mainly seem to be men

    It is something I’ve been thinking about ever since joining this site some time back, anyone have a good answer as to why it is like this?


    Here is a list of the top 10 wedding photogs for 2013 (according to this site) http://www.americanphotomag.com/Weddings-2013

    Seems to be mostly men.

    I can’t think of any reason why women would be bad at it, if anything I think they would be superior, based on things like multitasking and aesthetics.

    Who knows.



    I don’t have any answers but here are my thoughts on the subject.

    There seems to be many MWAC’s who have left their jobs to raise their children – at least until they go to school – who are in the position to think about starting their own business. Not just in photography but in other areas too – the area I live is teeming with ‘mumpreneurs’. It’s a time when you can have a break from your career and think about a change and something that may be more flexible to work around kids.

    However, for every MWAC I’ve met, I’ve met a GWAC too – maybe more, incredibly nerdy ones who spend a fortune on all the latest gear but would know the rule of thirds if it fell on their heads.

    I think in light of there being more successful men than women, at least from a historical point of view, maybe women photographers have just had less attention – certainly this was the case for women artists.  A few years ago I went to a great exhibition of Robert Capa and his girlfriend Gerda Taro. Everyone one knows Capa (and rightly so) but Taro remained for decades in relative obscurity – even though her images were equally striking and courageous to those of Capa’s.



    In my experiences, I’d say that the women are less likely to admit that they need help/to work on their craft.

    Faux’s in general just have a huge following of people that tell them they’re good – Maybe women have a bigger group of friends (other moms home from work with kids, etc..)

    Most of my favourite photographers are women, but I do notice A LOT more women faux’s than men.


    LOL – Nairby, you’ve never been in a car with my husband, lost but refusing to admit it and ask for help. That is stubborn 😉


    Most of the stuff on here is driven by Facebook.  What is the ratio of men to women as active Facebook users?

    Most of the content is portraits and weddings.  What is the ratio of men to women shooting portraits and weddings?

    I don’t know the answer to either of those questions but I wonder if statistics are relevant to the posted question.  After all, almost all the people I see on the street, or at the mall, wearing dresses, are women….


    Simple.  They are stay at home moms.  The husband is the primary income provider and they have time to tinker with their new Canon Rebel/ Nikon D3200.  This is why they charge $25 for a “session” which generally include 100’s of poorly edited images.  If they were an actual business and did a coast of doing business analysis, they would realize they are not good enough to sustain a thriving business on $25 a session once a week.  This is a hobby for them.  Charging money makes them feel like they are important.


    CoastalTog nailed that right on the head.

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