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    Care to explain the benefits of doing so?

    Is it expensive?

    Your advise will be highly appreciated.



    Why would you not hire someone? If you want engagement photos for save the dates or to put with an invitation, it’s worth it. Even if you don’t plan on putting it with the invitations or save the dates, it’s a great way to get to know your photographer prior to the wedding. Most professional photographers of quality will include the engagements with the wedding package.


    Engagements are a great way to start the story of your pending wedding.  Most people think, “Ahh we’ll just take a few snapshots and that will be it.”

    Like iliketag said, it is also a good trial run for your photographer.  Don’t like them or they just aren’t vibing with you, then you have time to get another.

    People usually don’t prioritize things that are going to last or things to look back on, I’ll give examples.  I will cover mostly the wedding part, because to me the engagement is the “pre-wedding.”

    For most people, photography is ranked in the top 5 of priorities for the engagement/wedding.  When you think about it, what is it that lasts after everything is said and done?  The video and the photos.

    The cake is eaten, the tux and the gown are in the closet collecting dust, the invitations are stowed away or tossed, the flowers are dried up or trashed and so on.  Not to sound down, but if anything, I would spend more on the photo/video because they are the 2 things that will be shared, and last for a very long time.

    I may sound biased , being a photographer, but when you think about it, what else is there to remember the date besides the ring on your finger?

    If you stay together for a long time, trust me, good quality photos are really going to score points later when you two are alone and reminiscing.   Don’t skimp, it will pay off in the long run.


    Define “expensive”.

    As a practical matter, the first camera was made around 1790.  Wedding photography came later and engagement photos even later still.  So, millions of couples got engaged and married with no photos.  Some very wealthy couples got married and recorded the event with one or two photos.  Now, the cost of engagement and wedding photography is within reach of almost everyone.

    Photography records history, visually;  in the past it was only recorded using words and drawings.  What is the value of being able to pass along exactly what you looked like to future generations?


    I live in Vegas, but I’m not a wedding photographer. Most wedding photographers in the area include engagement sessions, as well as the wedding, so the photographer can get to know the bride and groom. It will be bad if the photographer doesn’t click well with the couple, especially on the day of the wedding, because it will show in the pictures.

    Also, in Vegas, with the exception of a couple wedding chapels (Chapel of the Flowers, Vegas Wedding), the chapel’s photographers are usually really bad, but you are stuck using them because most don’t allow 3rd party photographers during the ceremony. Some places don’t even let guests take pictures! So you are stuck with whatever photographer they provide.


    There are a few things you want to consider when you decide on Las Vegas engagement photography. First of all, since you will probably hire the same photographer for your wedding day, you should really appreciate the importance of this detail. While almost every other element of your big day is transitory and will disappear soon after it, photographs and videos of those unique moments will outlast this time and will provide you with maybe the only way to relive the experience and emotion in the many years to come. That is why you want to make sure you pay enough attention to whoever you choose for this important task.

    Obviously, you will want to check their background, whether you’re looking at a freelancer or a production company. This research should cover how professional they are, what standard of quality they offer or even how involved they are in the task. You can probably find details about these questions in the reviews that previous couples gave them, as well as in their portfolios. It is important that the photographer you choose covers not only the artistic aspect of the job, but also the technological one in order to provide you with the most satisfactory result.

    Experience ensured and out of the way, you should consider how passionate, involved the photographer(s) are about their work, whether or not they can really capture the uniqueness of each wedding. You will want to feel comfortable with expressing your feelings on your big day while someone is standing up close to you taking pictures of it all. You need to be able to build a relationship and some trust in that someone in order to achieve this comfort and communication is very important in this respect. Make sure that the people you hire understand your ideas, your story and your relationship.

    And if everything turns out ok, remember to check in with your budget as well!

    If you would like a suggestion, try checking out Vivid Sight Production at http://www.vividsight.com/. I’m mentioning them because of how they manage to complete professionalism with a very personalized, close approach to photography. Their prices are reasonable and their standard is definitely the best you can ask for in Las Vegas engagement photography. Another interesting detail is the fact that they assign a team as opposed to just one photographer to your special day in order to capture all the angles you might be interested in. The process that follows the session is no less satisfactory, as they are experienced with the modification and improvement of your photos and provide a great selection. I definitely think you should check them out and get a sort of an idea to start from.

    Hope this helped and good luck with your choice!


    So are you the owner or just some random employee of that company then?


    … try checking out Vivid Sight Production at http://www.vividsight.com/… because of how they manage to complete professionalism with a very personalized, close approach to photography. Their prices are reasonable and their standard is definitely the best you can ask for in Las Vegas engagement photography.

    Really!  That is the best you can ask for in Las Vegas!  Really?  I went through a couple of galleries, I saw raccoon eyes, lots of squinting, colour shifts, a wedding cake with a couple of gashes and a hole in the side facing the camera, a couple of photos where I wondered what was in focus, a gallery that started out looking like something from Better Homes & Gardens, then moved to some random people, and eventually got around to the bride and groom.  I didn’t see evidence of modification and improvement of the cake photo, and, if a lot of the others were modified and improved I hate to think what they might have looked like before!

    I slept through that post until I saw Nesgran’s question, which prompted me to look at the photos.  After viewing the photos, Nesgran’s question makes a lot of sense … Who are you?


    You can take help of Alex Cloud Photography to make your engagement more interesting. Try this link www[dot]alixcloudphotography[dot]com



    You can take help of Alex Cloud Photography to make your engagement more interesting. Try this link

    If you are going to come here and advertise your website you could at least have the common decency to actually be a good or at least decent photographer because I’m sorry that is a train wreck. Just look at this photo you have on your front page http://alixcloudphotography.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/mcfarlane-park-oct-2013-2791.jpg . I quite frankly don’t even understand how you manage to get that look. It is so blown out you can barely make out that these people have a nose and yet the background is so grainy it looks like it has been left out on a beach. The use of an entry level body and the matching kit lens with a wildly inappropriate ISO speed for the light does not inspire confidence. I’d stay as far clear as possible, this is a faux

    I seriously wish this website would sort it’s moderation out. In fact, I’ll volunteer to clear out the spam of this place if you let me admins.


    You can take help of Alex Cloud Photography to make your engagement more interesting. Try this link

    Alix Cloud is in Georgia?  Is that anywhere near Nevada?  Google says it is only  1961 miles, which you can drive in only 28 hours!  I can see importing a photographer if they have outstanding work, or taking your photographer with you if you go to a destination for your wedding.  I’m sure you could find a mom with a camera in Las Vegas, if that is the quality you are looking for.


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