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    Hi guys,

    I picked up a camera about 2 yrs ago and fell in love with it.  I wanted to learn everything about it, composition, settings, lighting, street photography, faces, etc. 

    im already a college grad and been in my career for years so my time is limited these days.  is it worth going to school for photography, so far, i’ve been going to lots of photography clubs full of los angeles’s pros and ams, going to workshops, getting critiques and advice and have learned a lot.  I know i have a lot more to learn and expect to never stop learning. 

    an ultimate goal – i would like to be a photographer in disasters and in war torn countries and explore photojournalism. 

    where do i start?  any ideas?  should i go back to college?  I found a workshop by Zoriah Miller overseas in danger zones.  anyone know about this or took his workshop?  he’s got 5,7, and 10 day workshops.


    If you wanted to shoot war as a hobby, I would say there are many re-enactment groups in the US.  There would have been a re-enactment on Memorial day but the park was closed due to the Republicans.  This sort of thing is reasonably safe.

    If on the other hand, you are thinking more along the lines of being shot or bombed in the Middle East, sign up for journalism school at your local university or community college.  When shooting people who shoot back with guns, flash is a bad idea.  Concentrate on shooting with available light.


    well i dont want to actually be in the war, only the countries torn after war or disaster areas.  i spent 2 months the day after hurricane sandy as a relief worker, and loved the stress and work. it actually had meaning.  as a hobbyist, i wanted to go further, photography is starting to be such an addiction.  hence explore what a photojournalist does.


    Go visit your local papers and ask if you can get some freelance jobs. Expect a no unless you have a good photojournalist portfolio. A decent way to get one is to go to smaller events, think food festivals etc where you don’t need a press pass. Submit your images to the various stock agencies and see if they get accepted.

    Taking a course would not be a bad idea though a photography course is probably not the most useful since a good tog does not necessarily make a good photojournalist. I’d also suggest learning basic french, arabic, urdu and russian. With those four languages you’ll have a good base for the big war zones. when you have a bit of journalism experience try to get a job abroad.


    LMFAO at CC’s response. The title of the topic is a bit misleading. I’m certain that no one who is a hobbyist is shooting war photography. I’d imagine that the risk far outweighs the reward if you’re just fiddling with your camera. Hell the risk outweighs the reward for even those who take amazing photographs.

    Worst Case Scenario

    I read the title and immediately thought – Syria?


    well clicker, i’m going to take your advise, i going to a civil war re-enactment and take battle photos. i’ll try to keep their prius’ out of the shot to make it more realistic.

    i talked to a couple of photographers in conflict areas and the aftermath areas.  when i went as a relief worker in hurricane sandy and a few other places.  i had a bit of a tough time, but i was able to stay and do something about it. photographers are there to capture and move on and i don’t think i have that yet.  i didnt realize the extent of depression and remorse. for now i’ll have to work my way up there.


    Miller conducted a photography workshop in Haiti.


    ya i saw zoriah’s workshops all over the world.  i might sign up for one the afghan or israel workshop.

    as for now since i’m still a beginner, i need to get better fast.

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