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    OK, since I started this, I thought it only fair that I contribute…

    Nikon D300

    Nikon D800 (sold D700 for this)

    18-200 3.5-5.6 DX VR II

    16 2.8 D fisheye

    14-24 2.8

    24-70 2.8

    70-200 2.8 VR II

    50 1.4G

    80-400 4.5-5.6 D

    135 2.0 DC

    300 4 D

    17-35 2.8 D

    105 2.8 VR micro

    200 4 micro

    2 x SB-910 flash


    Elinchrom DLite 2 strobes

    Gitzo GT2542 tripod

    Lowepro Flipside 400 AW bag

    Thinking about the 85 1.4G


    Sharra, I’m a tad bit jealous of how many lenses you have! I’d love to have as extensive of a collection as that someday. I shoot Canon but it looks like you have a good setup.


    Has anyone heard of reviews on the 6D that recently came out? I have heard from a few pros that Canon seriously downgraded their full-frame line with it compared to the 5Diii and that it’s not worth it.

    You’re right, having a crop sensor body can come in handy for some things. Since my only prime lens is 35mm, it works better as a normal-range prime on my crop sensor bodies than my full-frame due to the 1.6x factor. The main downfall of the Rebel is it’s poor low-light performance and slightly slower autofocus. It does have the capability to get some great shots though, in my experiences.


    Kimera, I’m kind of in the same boat as you…

    Nikon D3000
    Nikon D50 (I pawned this camera for a little bit and when I took it out of pawn, the thumbwheel that adjusts that aperture and shutter speed was broken and it now works no better than a point and shoot. I don’t know if I should count this.)
    Nikkor 50mm 1.8
    Nikkor 35mm 1.8 DX
    Nikkor 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 (the kit lens)
    Tamron 18-5mm 3.5-6.3
    Nikon SB-400 flash (it’s compact, only tilts to 90 degrees, and doesn’t swivel)
    Yongnuo YN560II speedlight

    I’ve been dying to go full-frame (and I’ve been eying the Nikon D600), but I know I should invest in lenses first, so my wish list is a 85mm 1.8 or 1.4 and a 24-70 2.8.



    Browneyedgirl: The lenses are an investment over several years as finances have dictated, but I’m happy with what I have. Bodies come and go, but quality glass can last a lifetime, as I’m sure you already know. I don’t proclaim to be a pro and I don’t have a business since software development is my main source of income, but I’d like to think I can take more consistent photos as opposed to some that would end up here. I guess I’d call myself a highly skilled amateur. 🙂 Having those lenses lets me experiment with everything from portraits to sports to landscape/nature to macro, etc. I haven’t really decided what genre interests me most, but I’m leaning towards landscapes and nature being fairly close to the mountains where I am.

    Obviously, I’m a Nikon gal, so I can’t really comment on the Canon 6D. But I’d suspect that’s Canon’s answer to put full-frame into the hands of the budget-conscious enthusiast, much like Nikon is marketing the D600, since they are similarly priced, but I could be wrong about that though…


    M bag contents change depending on the shoot, but this is my basic kit I take with me if I go traveling:

    2x Nikon D7000 bodies

    Nikon  50mm f1.8D (a personal favourite of mine)

    sigma 30mm f1.4

    sigma 120 – 400mm

    tamron 24 – 80mm

    tamron 10 – 24mm

    variable neutral density filter

    polarising filter

    black rapid strap

    2x SB-700 flashes with various modifiers.

    manfroto tripod



    to “I hate fauxtograpy”  .. my pleasure.   🙂

    After reading others’ extensive kits, I realize WHY I have so little gear: I don’t drive.

    What fun I’d have with lugging such riches on the bus.


    No way!  I don’t drive either!  lmbo

    high five, to being the most pathetic photographers in this thread!!  Confession: I haven’t even tried to learn the bus system here, and I walk everywhere I need to go lol So it’s a camera body and a couple lenses for me.  Just wait until I get that tripod!  lol I’ll be looking legit 😉


    Canon 5D classic

    Canon 40D

    Canon 30D (Used as photo booth camera)

    Canon Rebel XT (First DSLR. Converted to infrared now. Never use it =P)

    Canon 10-22mm

    Canon 50mm f1.4 & the f1.8

    Canon 28-105mm

    Canon 70-200mm

    Lensbaby 3g (Pretty much never use it anymore though)

    Canon 430 ex

    Yongnuo YN560II

    Yongnuo YN560

    A Lowepro light utility belt to hold my lenses (I really need pockets for the flashes too)

    Alien Bees & a off brand strobes in the studio. (We also have some Smith Victor lights (My dads kit) but the flash bulbs need to be replaced. They shipped broken.)

    Should I go over backdrop manufacturers too? lol =P


    Some of you have some pretty goddamned big bags. Doesn’t look easy to carry.


    It varies what I carry, but in my bag right now:



    70-300 L

    90 TSE

    17-55 2.8

    handful of RF flash remotes



    model releases

    lens pen

    normal pen

    extra contact lenses


    venue passes

    CF cards

    cable release

    stack of tubes


    I carry lights separately, or sometimes I’ll clip a strobe on the bag.


    Canon 500d also canon 7d ( which is away being repaired)

    love my canon 50mm 1.8,also sigma 17-70mm,in the process of saving for the canon 24-70 2.8 mk2.( first massive lens purchase).

    Sometime will save for a 85mm 1.8 and also the 70-200 f2.8 is…its a bloody expensive thing photography.

    also have a canon 430 ex mk2 speedlite which i mainly use for stuff  like parties or any wedding photos i take,as most of the time lighting is awful and it brings images to life a bit.


    Addition to my crate: 24mm f/3.5 TS-E :] .. the stork dropped it off last night


    Nikon D700 (2)

    The Trinity Lenses

    Sigma 28 1.8

    Sigma 50 1.4

    Nikon 85 1.4G

    SB-910 (2)

    Yongnuo triggers


    Elinchrom monolights w/ various modifiers

    PCB Vagabond Mini portable battery pack

    a b

    Depends on the occasion.  My main Digital setup is as follows:

    D90 body
    D70 (old, backup)
    Tokina 12-24 f4 AF
    Nikon 35mm f1.8 AF-S
    Nikon 85mm f1.8 AF
    Nikon 300mm f4 AF
    Nikon SB-600

    Usually, I pack around my Canon PowerShot S100, which is a spectacular little thing

    Sometimes, I go on Film only trips.  I usually take either my:

    Yashica 12 (6×6 TLR)

    or my:

    Minolta X-370
    MD Rokkor 28mm f2.8
    MD Rokkor 45mm f2
    MC Rokkor PF 135mm f2.8

    And often, I take just my Olympus XA, which is not much bigger than the S100, and is at least as awesome.

    I also have, and occasionally use:

    Nikon F2 Photomic w/50mm f1.4 Nikkor lens (was my grandfather’s – more of a keepsake than a workhorse to me.  Still, it begs to be shot. It was my main camera from 2004-2007)
    Nikon FG with 50mm f1.8 AI Nikkor Lens (and the AF lenses listed above)
    Nikon N55
    Canon EOS-650 with some crappy discount-brand 28-80mm f4-5.6
    Canon AE-1 Program with Canon 50mm f1.8 lens
    Pentax K1000 with Sears 28mm f2.8 Macro and Vivitar 28-80mm f4 lens
    Fujica AX-5 with Fujinon 50mm f1.9 (I think) lens
    A couple of Canon SureShots.


    Depends on the occasion, I’d either bring a 7d or a 600d
    Go Pro 3


    70-200 2.8
    50 1.2
    35 1.4
    100mm L


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