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    Why not settle for the Tamron 24-70? It is a very good lens, not as sharp as the canon equivalent but then nothing is but you do gain image stabilisation which is very handy, especially if you do product shots on location and you want to try and avoid a tripod and strobes. The second element in them has seemed to stop falling out so I can’t imagine it being a bad purchase now, in fact I’m tempted myself to get one.


    Hey Ebi, if you get the version II of the 24-70, can you let me know how it is. Everyone says it is like the 2nd coming of Jesus compared to the version I like I have. I don’t really want to shell out the extra $2K for a “slight” improvement if you know what I mean.


    Ah, I couldn’t afford the 24-70, so had to go for the 28-70 instead. It’s such a big bugger though I worry about knocking my kids out with it!


    The Nikkor DC is truly a dream — great lens. It’s definitely a specialty lens though.


    well, it does have a mail in rebate offer right now so you’d save 300 bucks. So that’s a plus. I’m not sure about the Tamron. I’ve never bought 3rd party before. I suppose I should just test them out and see which I prefer. The gear game is a never ending saga.


    Tamron and sigma have really stepped up their game recently, basically all of the new sigma art line lenses have had great reviews (35 f1.4, 120-300 f2.8, 18-35 f1.8) and as have tamron with their 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8. It is worth having a look at them these days, even as a pro


    The two sigma lenses I own, while being only consumer level, have been very good to me. I’m selling my 10-20 simply because it vignettes pretty terribly on a full frame body… but it’s great little wide angle for a aps-c body. I know BEG has their 70-200 and has high praises for it, too.


    i have to tape my 24-105 into place when shooting overheads b/c the barrel slips. It went in for repair a few months ago but shortly after I got it back it started slipping again. I think i’m going to bh this afternoon…


    Ebi, my 24-70 does that when it is warm out, I found quick and easy solution, a wide rubber band. just stretch it out and place it so it is diagonally across the focal collar. It creates just enough tension to keep the barrel from dropping if you are shooting at a downward angle.


    Let’s see. It’s all canon stuff.

    Camera Bodies:

    Film: EOS 630

    T2i (My father is currently using this one with a couple of EF-S lenses)



    5D MKII



    EF 20-35/2.8L

    EF 70-200/4.0L non IS

    EF 50/1.8

    EF 85/1.8

    EF 135/2.0L



    Metz 50AF-1

    Speedotron  2403CX with (3) 102 heads (picked this up for a steal used, less than $500)

    Rimelite Fame 400WS monolight

    A couple of cheap no name 300WS monolights

    Various modifiers too many to list here.


    I’ve been wanting  to get some more lenses, just haven’t really found any that I can’t live without. At least I haven’t found a way to justify the expenditure.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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