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    I am an eye doctor, not a pro photographer. But that being said, I started practicing this art some 7 years ago when I realized I could not keep up with my active daughter without some photography knowledge. 65,000 shots, later I think I’ve learned a few things.

    The following shots are among the nicest I’ve taken in the last several weeks, save a couple from the summer. All of them action shots, which I enjoy more so than motionless portraits.

    by the by, there a couple pics with selective coloring or weird white balance settings that ARE JUST EXPERIMENTS, and NOT something I’m looking for a grade.


    Be kind, plz 🙂


    Do you charge anyone to take photos of them?


    no, I do not charge anyone… purely for my own pleasure…


    It is difficult to give you a proper critique without knowing what you want out of it. For pros it is much easier. What is your aim with your photography? Is it to take nice family snapshots or develop a business on the side?

    In general though your photos are nice family snapshots. I would get rid of the out of focus ones where the AF hasn’t kept up and I’d suggest to mix up with whole body portraits and so on as most are upper body only.


    My eye doctor constantly admonishes me to wear sunglasses when outdoors.

    This photo is interesting because the sun seems to be behind them, yet they are still squinting, so it must be really bright!


    This one needs more depth of field:


    This one could stand a little fill flash to add catch lights but otherwise you nailed it!


    This would be better with a little fill flash and a little wider view to get all of her in, but otherwise, pretty good:



    As a collection of family photos to keep track of your children as they grow, I think they are good.  There is some room for improvement but a quick peek at the front page here will show there are some who think they are professionals, yet they are not as good as you.  Keep shooting.



    thank you, cameraclicker!! I see your suggestions, and will work on those…

    nasgran, I a thinking of going “to the next level,” whatever that would mean for me, inasmuch as I already have a career. But there are times I’ve seen other ‘pro’ folks work and thought “I could do just a wee bit better.” I went to a wedding recently and everything from the engagement pics to the thank yous were terrible – sepia filters, out of focus, over/under exposures amonst them – I often wonder if people understand what talented photog can really produce!


    Without sounding like a cheesy pun, you appear to have an eye for photography but I would back CC and nesgran up on their critiques.
    At face value, they appear to be really nice family snapshots, well better than snapshots really. I would encourage you to get out and shoot more, mix up your photos with subjects that aren’t readily available to you. This way it gets you out of your comfort zone and then you have to rely on your ability to adapt and adjust your settings, not the ability to take a mass amount of photos.

    Yours are nice, there are some that need some tweaking but that has been addresses already.

    I think it’s good that you look at other photos and see how they can be better, that is an important step.
    Giving and taking criticism is another key element. I have seen so many photographers that are good, just crumble when they meet someone who picks apart their work. You have to have a thick skin and realize that you can’t please everyone and some people are just plain ignorant, rude and sometimes jealous. Giving criticism is one thing, telling you your work sucks is another. Use that criticism and advice and apply it the best you can and you’ll be fine.


    thanks Bill !! My skin is not that thick, but I welcome comments from the pros here because I believe that we all need improvement in what we do – anyone who thinks they’re done learning, cannot be a professional ANYTHING.


    You’re posting in the “Am I A Fauxtog” forum.  Since you’re doing this purely for self-enjoyment, this isn’t the right place.  Join a real photography forum for advice.


    This is a great place for advice.


    I thought I received some good advice here, CoastalTog. And isn’t this is a ‘real’ photography site anyhow?


    Doc- I should clarify. There is good advice given here. I give out solid gold advice for free! :). It’s just that most people on here are trying to go pro whereas you are a hobbyist (which is so refreshing, btw).  So…ya kinda threw me for a loop. Lol.



    I wanted to add that I echo the above. I think you are creating some cherished memories. Understanding depth of field will take your images to the next level.  For instance, the image of the little girl and her dad would really pop by isolating the subjects from the background.

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