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    Let me know what you think about the overall look of the site and the photos I’ve included in my port (slide show).

    Appreciate all feedback





    One comment about the website– You have a “Portfolio” tab and a “Galleries” tab. I would re-title “Galleries” to “Client Galleries” or something of the like. Otherwise, potential clients might be turned off by the locked galleries (especially since a lot of photographers’ websites have their portfolios listed as Galleries.)

    As for the photos, you have a lot of really nice photos. Overall, your lighting and balance seem right. The newborn shoot, though, seems a little flat. There is a fine line between softness for newborn photos and flat photos. Overall, your work is great.

    One more nit-picky thing about the website- Be careful with background colors for photo websites. Sometimes, if the background is too warm or too cool, for instance, it can make the photos look out of balance (even if they’re perfectly balanced).  For example, I can’t tell if your black and white photos are slightly warm/sepia, or if it’s just a perceived cast from the warm brown background.


    I agree with a lot that was said by Gnork, except I wasn’t really impressed with those newborn photos. They were too over-edited for me. Other than that, I liked what I saw 🙂


    @Gnork: Thanks for taking time to critique – I appreciate that.   Good point about the gallery tab – that makes a lot of sense. I’ll take your advice. Also, the thought about introducing a color cast from the background never crossed my mind. Thanks a bunch.


    : Thanks for your feedback – I’m not a fan of the over-processed look either, so I was surprised by your critique. Those shots are pretty much straight from the camera (minus sharpening, BW conversion and levels). I had to remove baby’s private part that was showing in one of shots, but that was the most extensive touch up. Again, thanks for looking though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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