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    I realize that I’m not the best. But now I’m wondering if I’m even good? I’ve taken a few classes recently so the photos from late 2013 to now are better than before. But still. Anyway…..here ya go? Should I just quit now?



    Cute kids.  Great expressions.  I would like them better if more attention were paid to focus, exposure and contrast.  If you want specific photos critiqued, put them on Flickr and point us toward them.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Not too bad, but way to many that are just Okay. Quality over quantity. Don’t just put everything on FB. All the brides dresses look burnt out and some of your shots have focus issues. Every one gets a few blurry shots, but they never get near my FB page or websites.


    So sometimes, I have a terrible brain (especially last summer pre-wedding). I just found this session on my hard drive and finally edited them. My apologies to this amazing family. Here’s a preview of these yahoos. I love this family!! —

    This is a quote from your wall; if I were a potential client browsing your website that would put me off completely – it makes you look unreliable and unprofessional too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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