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    Ok, so here I am again. After throwing myself on your mercy in the post https://youarenotaphotographer.com/forums/topic/my-portfolio-opinions/ – the user I hate Fauxtography weighed in and seriously opened my eyes. I *did* ask, I kept reminding myself.

    After careful thought and planning, hand-wringing and re-working, I think I’ve come up with a far more consistent look and feel – both in my photography and in my websites. Here are the key components of my online web presence:




    I don’t think they’re perfect and they are still a work in progress. However, if you spot any inconsistencies or anything you think I can do better, please chime in. I tried to remove a lot of older images which I don’t believe reflect my current vision, both on the front page of my website and in the portfolio galleries. One note – my website has a pre-designed front end. I HATE the font and am looking into changing it, but it’s actually kind of a pain. I AM working on it, though.

    So as an update, I tried VERY hard to take off the mommy goggles and chopped out items I don’t think folks will love the way I once thought I did. I reworded and reworked my “About” statement, and posted new photos with less editing, and tried to crystallize what I actually do as a photographer. This whole process has been both difficult and eye-opening for me; I don’t believe I’m a “fauxtographer”; after all, I’ve been watching YANAP for a long while and I don’t think I’m really in this category. I’ve been lurking in the shadows both personally and professionally. I’ve been preparing to roll out my business for a long time (6 years, at least), learning as much as I can, gathering resources and gaining skills, and I think I’m finally ready to put myself out there. I think I can offer a quality product at a fair price which our tiny little market in our tiny little town will bear. I know there are lots of photographers around the country who charge far more than I do, but where I live, I’m competitively priced.

    My solemn promise: I will never shoot a wedding for free, give a disc of pictures with release for $25, and I will never offer “cheap services” on Craigslist.

    One final note: As I learned, this website is not run by my mom. If you’re serious about the craft of photography, take a chance and ask for an opinion here, but be prepared for an honest answer. Whatever you do, don’t get mad when it’s given. An opinion offered here will either make you stronger or tick you off or both. If you’re prone to anger, skip the request for an evaluation and go back to Facebook where everyone can “like” you and tell you how great you are. I think IHF’s frank answer caused me to make some long overdue changes.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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