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    I’m in a FB photography group and a woman came asking, begging forĀ  help on what to do about a photographer who is giving her hell. to sum it up, they were friends and the friendship went south and now the crazy woman is threatening her and her family, messaging her clients saying she tried to kill her and her kid, defaming her, etc. and the poster said she even filed for a restraining order but the judge threw it out. Everyone is suggesting she get more legal advice and try to sue for defamation of character and slander. The woman sounds extremely unstable. After she posted her name, I recognized it as one that a different photographer was saying was lying/causing trouble (according to the poster today, she is harassing multiple other photogs). They said she wasn’t a legal business. Her page is listed as an “LLC” which is obviously BS. Hearing this from two different people weeks apart it is obvious this is not made up!



    It sounds like what she needs to do (and others that have had issues with her in the past) is to get legal counsel. Hearing crap like this makes me thankful I have four uncles that are attorneys, and they pretty much cover all the bases from insurance companies to patents and copyright, lol.


    why post this here?


    Well, written slander is called ‘Libel’. Both are forms of defamation… but if you’re trying to explain something, it helps to get the right point across.

    She needs to get legal help. Posting on a facebook group isn’t going to get her anywhere.


    Unfortunately I am the one who posted about that crazy woman because I wanted it to be known that her and I were NOT in business together. She was telling her clients that her and I were business partners and they were coming to me to try and get the product that they were paying Vita for. I am still having issues every now and then but shes finally leaving my husband and his command alone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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