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    Feel free to give critiques, I’m very open to opinions and insights:

    #1 – January5 2013 Moon


    #2 – Forest with a Lakeside Home and UFO


    #3 – A Fence Runs Through It



    1. The moon shot is very very very flat and lacks any dynamic range.  It looks almost completely washed out.

    2. This is shot in harsh light and the composition is very confused and just bad. If  the UFO is supposed to be the subject, why is it all the way over there? Everything appears to be squished on the left side of the frame.

    3. Rule of thirds: check. But the top of the fence runs right along the horizon line which somewhat ruins the effect. It was also shot in harsh daylight which is not flattering. It also lacks a foreground or subject. This one is pretty decent.. If you could shoot this same shot at sun up or down, getting closer to the fence (maybe focusing on a post) while either crouched, or shot from higher up,you might have something.



    Am I right that you shot these with a P & S camera?


    I find it very difficult to believe that is even really the moon – if so way too much editing



    #1 – Not a fan.  It’s overcooked and it looks like you tried to fix a mediocre photo with filters and effects.  To me, the moon doesn’t need any editing if you shoot it right…it’s too beautiful to cover up.

    #2 – I  LOVE  THIS!  Fantastic art.  Perfect meld of fiction and fact  – I totally get it.  🙂

    #3 – There is just too much going on here, it’s cluttered and my eye doesn’t rest on anything.  The tree line distracts from the fence, which ought to be your leading line.  It’s just a confusing composition – there’s no story to tell.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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