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    Here is how it starts;

    I want to start a photography gig for myself.
    I will say that Im not a professional and I don’t have a camera.
    BUT…. If you have a camera and want photos done, by letting me use your camera for your photoshoot, I will give you 75% off.
    Otherwise I will be using my phone and emailing the photos to you (until I make enough to buy a camera) and it will be full price.
    I will start my prices at $25 for any kind of shoot.
    I am located in Warrensburg so I am looking to do this locally.


    wow, that was a new level of faux that

    Worst Case Scenario

    Damn! It’s gone already.


    Yeah, after 100 or so comments, she deleted it. Sorry to get anyone’s hopes of a fun read.

    Basically, if the “client” didn’t have a camera she would charge full price, $25 bucks, and shoot it with her Galaxy S2 camera phone but it was OK because you could choose the focus point.


    LOL! I have a Galaxy S II.  It has a pretty good camera.  And, it is possible to take a good photo with a cell phone:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTFX3DFlwkk, the photos are here: http://filmvisuals.com/blog/

    You have to log in to see the Fstoppers video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOoGjtSy7xY



    Would I want to shoot a wedding with my phone? No. But I use it for some close up photos and it works very well for that.

    From what was reported in the post, I doubt the clients would receive images of comparable quality to those shown in the videos.


    I actually have a Galaxy S2 myself and it does take a pretty good picture. I do have one shot on my art site done with it.

    While it can take a pretty decent shot in the right hands, the noise inherent in that size sensor, will degrade the image pretty quickly if you print the image much beyond ten inches unless the image was created in near perfect conditions.

    But charging people to take pictures with your S2 is a serious step up in the faux world.


    Wow. The cheek of it.

    I assume he not only lacks a camera but also the skills require to use one.   It’s almost like he’s charging you to rent a camera to him.



    Ok. We have some scenarios.

    1) She gets paid 25$ to drive across town (say it’s a small town so 3$ in gas for the day) spends… 1-5 hours photographic something. She gets 22$ and a few shots maybe for her portfolio (if they don’t need post processing, I assume) for the possibility of half as much as she would make getting a part time job at a fast food joint.

    2) She uses THEIR camera, thereby only really charging for her time (as see above on money earned) and doesn’t get any of the images to show for it. If by some chance, say, she drops the camera or gets it wet, she’ll be paying between oh… 60 and almost a thousand to replace it, depending.



    That is the thing with fauxes in general. If the actually do the math for expenses and time most would be better off flipping burgers.

    Manual Mode

    Ok, long time lurker first time poster here lol. Some of the stuff on the forums here is just amazing and I feel I have to chime in.

    @theflyingkitty When I read your #2 above the first thing that popped into my mind was who in the world would ever buy a thousand dollar camera then let someone else shoot with it. It was then that I remembered a softball game I went to for my niece, the “team tog” had just bought a Canon 7d and was shooting on high speed mode in auto because he wanted to catch the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand.  It was pretty apparent that he had gotten the shot he was after because of his chimping. Come to find out that he spent the entire week before the game uploading 17gb of .jpg photos he had taken the week before where he almost got the shot. It was at this point that I realized that there are people that buy the big cameras and just don’t have a clue.

    Sorry its kind of a pointless story for my first post but there ya go I suppose 8)


    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am highly possessive of my cameras and I loathe letting people who aren’t me use them!


    I am right there with you Night Rose. I don’t even let my husband use my camera let alone some stranger.

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