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    I don’t understandhow the hell hese people have over a 1,000 likes on Facebook… I just don’t get it, unless they are artificial “likes”. They’re TERRIBLE. Please, photography community, tell me I’m not crazy, and confirm to me that these people are fauxtogs!

    For some reason I can’t add a direct link on my iPad… So heres their Facebook page:


    Heres a joke:


    Honestly, there are so many bad pictures, I can’t even pick any to post on here…. I wanted to submit them too the site, but I can’t decided what picture is the worst…. There are so many… Maybe you guys can help me pick one to submit.




    …sweet baby Jesus.


    Ps- I apologize for my typos… lol


    That is awful- complete lack of any technical knowledge. Their marketing strategy must be pretty strong if they are getting that many likes!


    someone actually said “wheres the ‘love’ button?” on that god awful picture…. im pretty sure these people are blind.


    The ones I see aren’t too awful.  A great deal of them could be corrected via a bit of post production or minding where folks are standing.  she’s better than the photos I’ve seen from my home town that folks have paid for. Just needs to keep hard at shooting shooting shooting, and some time in front of the PC.


    I don’t know what you’re looking at, theflyingkitty. I see maybe two pictures out of the tons I looked at that could even remotely be called pro shots, even after much better post work. Any grandma with a point-and-shoot could’ve taken 99% of these. If she’s better than your hometown fauxtogs…Christ, I don’t want to think about what could be worse than this.



    I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even have a dslr…. And I’m positive she doesn’t shoot in RAW or even know what it means. The woman has NO professional training, and her pictures do look like something ANY  Grandma with a point and shoot could take! You hit the nail on the head with that comment! Octobermoon!


    Yeah. She’s better than them. Many small towns don’t have many choices, and one of the best places to find work there local is Wall-Mart. My father, for example, is a VERY good artist. Woodcarving, Oil, Pencil, you name it. Locally, he has trouble selling prints and has to do it very much on the side. In the big city here, he can do FAR better.

    The audience of my small town doesn’t see any difference in a well established professional photographer who knows their sh** and someone they can go to inexpensively for photos that are a bit better than what they can do themselves, and in most cases, probably the only photos the kid might have outside of their school pics and a few shots by Aunt Lou at Thanksgiving.

    Gosh I hope this doesn’t come back to me. PLEASE DO NOT post the following images ANYWHERE else.

    The following links are photos a friend from high school scanned in.  I actually did her maternity shots for free, but was late on the disc of images. As I understand, she goes to this photographer about once a month.

    And if you’re the person who took the following photos, I am sorry. Please work on your backdrops and maybe include some digital facebook previews so people aren’t holding their photos up to a camera. It puts your work in a worse light.


    Facebook is being mean to me. There’s another one with him on a small blanket near some fake pumpkin/straw props of some sort near the edge of the woods. Was taken standing up and quite far away with not the best lighting.

    I’ve been thinking about it and there’s def. so many ways so many people can improve. Life is about learning and improving, and never stopping when you find something you’re interested in.  Not everyone is from a big city, and choices are often limited for various reasons. There are worse out there than Chaotic Perspectives. CP isn’t the best, but ‘eh, hopefully they’re at-least honest and give the client a good sampling of their own work to demonstrate style, quality, etc. before they get hired.  In their case, I can note where they are improving, though might suspect more than one photographer, and where they could improve further. They’re stepping towards the right direction, and might eventually get there. Wanting to shed some positives with the negatives.



    PS – Sorry for the VERY long post. It’s been a long, tiring, work day. I’m actually in shipping/printing/retail. May also have a slight case of aspergers, honestly, so don’t take it bad. I just probably need to make a much longer, more organized speech, in my blog or some such.


    Ah. I didn’t dig that deep. Only peered at her most recent works. Like, this month.

    And oh,  hey, she’s local to me. Yeah. Only timeline’d down just past the horse to the flag.

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