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    I’m honestly with Ebi on this one. I also do not agree that you need to be great at both portrait and landscape to be considered a good photographer. It’s absolutely better to be more well rounded, yes, but I don’t think it should be required. You can compose a landscape well but still turn up with a boring shot. Likewise, you can shoot a couple or a high school senior with strong composition and totally miss any sort of emotion or personality. Technical skill it one thing, but it’s far more likely someone will hone a certain skillset in order to succeed in a particular market.

    I can photograph people far better than I can photograph mountains. The way I shoot landscapes doesn’t move me the same way that a couple completely enamoured with each other does. My mind just doesn’t turn the gears regarding landscapes like it does to others. Thus, environmental portraits are my niche. I could probably produce decent fashion work, but that also wouldn’t have the same kind of -oh gawd this word, but it applies- passion attached to it either.


    That’s fair.  There probably is a component that results from how well you connect to your subject.  Still, I have come across lots of photographers that shoot a wide range of subject matter very well.


    You know iliketag, I have a friend that is a really good landscape photographer and he freaks the “F” out when people ask him to do portrait sessions.  I think a lot of it is him psyching himself out, because I know he can do a fine job with portraits.  I think it’s funny, because I know he can do it.  I give him crap and bust his chops for that all the time, but he still calls me up when a portrait session comes his way and his stress level goes up.

    I am the same way, my landscapes I think are okay, but not stellar, IMO.  I  am a people person, I like talking to people.  Doing landscapes, I am usually by myself, so I get funny looks if I am talking, but I keep myself entertained.



    I talk to myself all the time when I’m working. Ppl do think it’s odd!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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