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    Nowadays photography has become a demanding profession and if we look around then we will see many of individuals wants to build their career in this profession. Photographers clicking fine quality images are highly demanded. If we talk about the best then <a href=”http://www.karenimages.com”>Atlanta Commercial Photographer</a> will be first in the list. These photographers click images for various purposes such as sales, cards, advertising, poster and banners. They charge affordable fee from their clients for different occasions.


    Karen, I think your link should be:  http://www.karenimages.com/

    You might want to add your link in the Photography Showcase forum.


    it’s spam CC.


    Are these spammers using some sort of software to generate their copy?  They seem to have words strung together in a random order rather than a coherent sentence…


    Could be, Ebi.  The text in the post has an Indian English flavour.   But, I like their photos.  They are bucking the trend.  They seem to be a “shoot everything” shop and have it all at one web page.  According to About, they have been doing this since 1998.  This “How we do it” photo is funny.  It must be a very calm day in Atlanta.  Neither stand has the legs fully extended and I don’t see any weights.  Karen is short.



    I’m not entirely convinced it’s legit. I’ll have to do some reverse image searches later on. If they aren’t, huzzah! We have fodder for photostealers!


    I think that perhaps she’s using some kind of marketing service and isn’t aware that the practices are shady – Which explains why Mohinder from Chennai posted on behalf of her in here. Someone should let her know that she’s paying to spam forums.


    damn, CC. how you’ve got me reading the OP with an indian accent. I’m even doing the weird head bob/sway thing…


    Are these spammers using some sort of software to generate their copy? They seem to have words strung together in a random order rather than a coherent sentence…

    Most of the spam bots are completely automated with an automated message that someone inputs before they go trawling the web for forums to spam. The incoherent sentences are often to throw the more advanced forum softwares off track by not using standard phrases. Much of it is also written in Asia as that is where the bulk of modern spam comes from these days which accounts for some of these grammar issues.

    You can buy complete western medical records in India for a couple of Rupees and most internet traffic will find itself going across some dodgy servers at some point in its life. It is a multi billion dollar industry


    @Iliketag, I searched for a number of images and the only ones outside her page were one of her customers and a profile page talking about her.


    That’s surprising, CC! I don’t understand how someone can be so scattered in so many niche markets. Crazy.

    There’s actually a term for the spammers/network of people who do the fake reviews and stuff: The Chinese Water Army


    They are a couple. She has a husband who shoots with the same style and is her partner.

    I hear you have to specialize.  I sort of get that if you understand a sport, it is easier to shoot that sport because you can predict where the action is going.  I suppose the same may be said about weddings.  You learn how to pose someone.  After that, it’s all about understanding how a camera works and how it collects light.  I don’t see why shooting one subject should be any different than shooting any other.

    Marketing, networking and schmoozing are a different story.


    I was talking more in the terms of a business decision. It seems so difficult to market as a “Jack of All Trades” considering someone usually wants to hire and pay the money for what would be considered a specialist in a specific area.


    I know, Iliketag, for some reason weddings, sports, landscape, etc., all seem to be thought of as specialties.  To my mind, what matters are composition, seeing light, shadow and form, and understanding how to use the camera to get a good exposure.   I don’t think a photographer is a good photographer if they are great at weddings but can’t shoot a landscape, or visa versa.  That is different than having a preference, but they should be able to get a good photograph of almost any subject without too much effort if they are really good.


    In NYC, I think that we are often pigeonholed into being good at only one thing. So if you are a fashion photographer, it can be as specific as not being hired for shooting a job on a cyc because you don’t have enough photographs of fashion on white in your portfolio. Seriously!

    However, I do see photographers who shoot both commercial and editorial work as well as shooting weddings. Those that are most successful at it keep those portfolio’s very separate. I don’t agree that a photographer needs to be able to shoot everything if they aren’t trying to shoot everything. They just need to able to successfully execute whatever they are being hired to shoot.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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