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    So there’s this guy that tries to show me up on his so-call “photography”



    He is ONLY still in high school and he his parents pays for everything he wants. He is charging $50-150 in senior pictures, $500 for quince’s, and $1500 for weddings?! and he says “it pays the bills.” ¬†WHAT BILLS? He’s in high school!

    and he thinks he going somewhere in life with his pictures, I don’t think so.




    Charging is like a bark.
    Sure he charges $1500 for weddings but he’ll never get any.

    He’s a faux, not a very good one aswell but then again he’s still in highschool and to say he’s not going anywhere in life is a little too soon to call.


    you truly sound jealous, why are you jealous of him? is he taking your customers?


    He’s in high school maybe you should give him a break, or better that maybe some guidance about areas he should read up on instead of trying to call him out on a public forum.



    These are terrible. Of course high schoolers are gonna like this shit, high schoolers are idiots.


    If there’s even a chance he’d show you up on any photography, then you might have an issue yourself. Yes his images are terrible and they look like he uses an instagram filter for every photo. Hopefully, he’ll stick with it and maybe someday be good. He should not be charging, obviously. OP, can you post your portfolio?

    just me

    iv seen a lot worse .. if i posted a link you would all be so horrified, she has already had a image on this site .


    He’s not too terrible for a high school kid starting out shooting. Getting practice early! And he’s also trying to figure out what to do in the years to come. If anything, he should get professional support and honest, valuable, critique if he wants.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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